‘Hetalia’ the Musical is Returning in November for Round 2 with Talented Cast

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Plus Yusuke Ueda (role of Germany), James Takeshi Yamada (role of Spain) will join the cast and Ryoki Nagae will continue playing the role of Italy

©Hidekazu Himaruya・Gentosha Comics/'Hetalia' Production Committee ©'Hetalia' Musical Production Committee

     To all you musical lovers, Hetalia~Singin in the World~ (aka Hetamyu), which was first
performed in December 2015, is now coming back to the stage this year. Performances of ‘Hetamyu Part-2′ is scheduled to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in November 2016.

     This production will include new cast members including the roles of Germany and Spain.
Yusuke Ueda, known for his stage performances in Ace of Diamond, will take on the role of the physically strong but morally weak Germany. And the role of Spain, who is popular with the chief, will be played by James Takeshi Yamada, who garnered much attention from his performance in Kuroko’s Basketball.

     The rest of the main characters will be same from the original production, Singin’ in the World. The protagonist, Italy, who is adorable and cheerful in spite of being good for nothing, is played by Ryoki Nagae. Japan, who is diligent and skilled in reading between the lines, is played by Keisuke Ueda. America, who is free-spirited and always likes to be number-one and is also a huge fan of fast food, will be played by Ryuko Isogai. England, who is unbeatable when it comes to sarcasm, and who excels in sorcery, will be played by Daisuke Hirose. France, who loves anything that can be considered beautiful, will be performed by Juri. Russia, who is scared of rural simplicity and childish innocence, will be portrayed by Yuki Yamaoki. And lastly, China, who looks too young for his age, will be played by Taishi Sugie.

Italy/Ryoki Nagae
Date of birth : August 26th, 1998
Works : ‘Ginga Eiyu Densetsu’ (Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ stage production (role of Julian Mintz), ‘Genten no Hana Yumeakari’ stage production (role of Hanbei Takenaka), ‘Kosuke Masuda Theatre Gag Manga Biyori’ stage production (role of Ono no Imoko)


Germany/ Yusuke Ueda
Date of Birth : April 2, 1989
Works : Musical ‘The Prince of Tennis’ Season 2 (role of Kippei Tachibana), ‘The Ace of Diamond-The LIVE’ (role of Tetsuya Yuki), ‘Kids Theater Ace’ song of Terebi Kanagawa (role of the brother).


Japan/ Keisuke Ueda
Date of Birth :  September 5th, 1989
Works : ‘ -Lost Small World- ‘ stage production (role of Misaki Yata), ‘Inferno’ stage production (role of Licca), ‘Osomatsu-san on StageSix Men’s Show Time’ stage
(role of Choromatsu)


     America/Ryuko Isogai
Date of Birth : March 14th, 1987
Works : ‘Gyakuten Saiban’ (aka Ace Attorney) stage production (role of Keisuke Itonokogiri), ‘Handsome Rakugo’ stage production, ‘Wonderful Wonder World’ (role of Elliot March)


England/Daisuke Hirose
Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1991
Works : Musical ‘The Prince of Tennis’ Season 2 (role of Atsushi KisarazuRyo Kisarazu), ‘Messiah’ (role of Kaito Yuri), ‘Touken Ranbu’ (role of Ichigo Hitofuri)


Date of Birth : February 16th, 1981
Works : Musical ‘Fushigi Yugi’ (role of Nakago), ‘Sengoku Basara Honnou Jinohen’ (role of Sen no Rikyu), ‘Genko Shogun’ stage production


Russia/Yuki Yamaoki
Date of Birth : March 5th, 1991
Works : Musical ‘The Prince of Tennis’ Season 2 (role of Renji Yanagi), ‘Sengoku Musou’ (aka Samura Warriors) (role of Sakon Shima), ‘Time and Space Wrecker Deadly Night Jade’ (role of Keisuke Wakabayashi)


     China/Taishi Sugie
Date of Birth : May 7th, 1992
Works : Musical ‘The Prince of Tennis’ Season 2 (role of Yuji Hitou), ‘Touken Ranbu’ stage production (role of Toshiro Namazuo), ‘Messiah Shikkoku’ movie (role of Itsuki Kagami), ‘ReLife’ (role of Kazuomi Oga)


Spain/James Takeshi Yamada
Date of Birth : May 7, 1990
Works : ‘Hell Teacher Nube’ drama series (role of Koichiro Kuroki), ‘Seven Days MondayThursday’ movie (role of Yuzuru Shino), ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ stage production (role of Kazunari Takao)


     Latest information, such as tickets will be updated once the information is announced. Mark
your calendars and make sure to catch the new production of the musical ‘Hetalia’ (‘Hetamyu’) Part-2!


Musical ‘Hetalia’ Part-2 (New Production)
(Official title will be announced later)

Performance Period :  
Tokyo Show : November 10th – 20th, 2016        
     Osaka Show : November 26th – 27th, 2016

Theater :  
Tokyo Show: Theater 1010 (Post box no. 120-0034 Adachi-ku, Tokyo Senju 3-92 Senju Mirudisu-I Ichibankan 10F)
Osaka Show: Morinomiya Piloti Hall (Post box no. 540-0003, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Morinomiyachuo 1-17-5)

Director : Kotaro Yoshitani    
     Screenplay : Yusei Naruse
Music : tak  
Choreography : Mamoru  
Planning production : Frontier Works
     Production : Polygon Magic  
Sponsor : Musical ‘Hetalia’ Production Committee

Italy : Ryoki Nagae  
Germany : Yusuke Ueda  
Japan: Keisuke Ueda  
America : Ryuko Isogai  
England : Daisuke Hirose  
France : Juri 
Russia : Yuki Yamaoki  
China : Taishi Sugie  
Spain : James Takeshi Yamada
and more. . .

Website : http://musical-hetalia.com/
     Twitter : musical_hetalia

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