‘Kuroko’s Basketball – Broadcast Committee’ Radio Show CD Vol. 14 Goes On Sale September 28

2016.07.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

Includes a special recording : ‘Miraculous BEST 5-Memory Corner’ which featured Kensho Ono and Yuuko Ono

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     CD Vol. 14 of Kuroko’s Basketball – Broadcast Committee, a radio show which ran for four years, will finally go on sale.

     Vol.14 is a compilation of previously aired episodes 195 to 209.

     This CD has the exclusive episode 200, which was the first-ever live broadcast episode and episode 209, the final episode of the show.

     Additionally, Nobunaga Shimazaki (voice of Ryo Sakurai) makes a guest appearance in episode 204. The CD also includes a special edition of ‘Miraculous Extracurricular Lessons’ called ‘Miraculous BEST 5-Memory Corner’ by Kensho Ono and Yuuki Ono.

     A new CD jacket has been designed by the official anime staff in collaboration with the radio staff. This CD compiles all the interesting final shows in their entirety and delivers them to fans.

     The CD comes out September 28, 2016. We hope you look forward to it♪


     Radio CD ‘Kuroko’s Basketball-Broadcast Committee’ Vol.14

Price : 3,000yen + Tax
     Release Date : September 28 (Wed), 2016
     Contents : Set of 2 CDs (Audio CD+ Data CD-ROM)
     DISC1 : Compilation of newly recorded music (Audio CD)
     DISC2 : Previously aired episodes 195 to 209 compiled in MP3 format (CD-ROM)
     Celebrities : Kensho Ono (voice of KurokoTetsuya), Yuuki Ono (KagamiTaiga)
     Distributed and Sold by : Bushiroad Music

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