Anime ‘Haikyu!! Second Season’ set to release 3 team themed animal print T-shirts

2016.04.11 <PASH! PLUS+>

Cosplay shop Acos will produce the three versions based on the main schools

© Haruichi furudate / Shueisha, "Haikyu!! Second Season" Production Committee/ MBS

      Animal print T-shirts from the highly popular anime Haikyuu!! Second Season, will soon be launching from the cosplay shop Acos.

     The T-shirts come in three different designs, which are based on the themes: Karasuno High school, Nekoma High school, and Fukurodani Gakuen High school.

     Animal print T-shirt (Karasuno High school)
     The black and orange designs on white T-shirts represent the colors of Karasuno High school. A slightly curved hem line is an additional design feature of this T-shirt.

 haikyu20160411_09 haikyu20160411_15 haikyu20160411_14

     Animal print T-shirt (Nekoma High school)
     The contrast between the red and black give this T-shirt a Nekoma feel. A cute piece studded with cat paws.

     haikyu20160411_17 haikyu20160411_21 haikyu20160411_23

     Animal print T-shirt (Fukurodani Gakuen High school)
     This T-shirt’s design of three cute little owls peeking out from behind the number four, was inspired by the Fukurodani Gakuen High school uniform. Moreover, this loose collared T-shirt made of soft fabric is super comfort. This coming season, it will undoubtedly make you standout whether it be worn in layers or on its own.

     haikyu20160411_01 haikyu20160411_07 haikyu20160411_08

     Details :

     ‘Haikyuu!! Second season’ – Animal print T-shirt from Acos

     Launch date :  Scheduled for June 2016
     Price :  2,500 yen + tax
     Size :  Free size/one size fits all (Length: Approx. 71cm x Width: Approx. 53cm x Shoulder width : Approx. 44cm)


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