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Ishida Akira and Hikami Kyōko’s ‘Kurigimu~Cream Soda and Gimlet~’ latest broadcasts on sale

2015.12.07 <PASH! PLUS+>

Director’s cut to include unedited and never heard before dialog

©Internet Radio Station (Onsen)

     Kurigimu~Cream Soda and Gimlet~ is an Internet radio program hosted by the colorful personalities of Ishida Akira and Hikami Kyōko. A CD of their latest episodes of the program is finally going to be released. The CD is a full action packed offering of broadcast episodes 14 to 28.

     You can enjoy and listen to the CD again and again to the great banter that these two personalities create together. This version is the “Director’s cut” so there is a lot of unedited content that you didn’t hear during the original broadcast.

     They are having the first launch of this CD at the Winter Comiket 2015 and through the Comiket’s online shop. They are also giving away the Onsen special CD as gifts. This CD has performances of well-known voice artists so for those who want this extra gift, hurry and go get it soon!


Radio CD Kurigimu~Cream Soda and Gimlet~ Vol.2

    Personalities: Ishida Akira and Kyōko Hikami
    Release: January 27, 2016 (Wed)
    Selling cost: 5,000 yen (+ tax)
    Sellers/Distributors: Tablier Communication Co., Ltd.
    Recorded contents: 2 CDs
      DISC1: A 40 minute recorded program of the “Newly recorded radio” (Audio CD)
      DISC 2: Radio archives 14 to 28 are recorded in MP3 format (Data CD-ROM)

Onsen CD- Comic market first launch & Tsuuhan (home delivery) campaign 2015
Release period:
 Comic market 89: December 29 (Tue) to 31 2015 (Thu)
     Tsuuhan (home delivery) campaign: December 31 (Thu) 0:00 to January 24, 2016 (Thu) 23:59
Onsen Comic Market 89 special site: http://www.onsen.ag/sp/comike/
* The site is being updated periodically!


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