VOICE Actors

Daisuke Namikawa teaches you how to act! VR content are coming!


Experience how to act with using actual animation video from “Persona 4 Golden”!

Stay Luck has cooperated with VR THEATER and made world’s first voice actor training VR content called “Daisuke Namikawa’s ‘Seiyu Yousei Kouza’ (powered by TV anime ‘Persona 4 Golden’)”. This will be available from August 3 at VR THEATER.
*‘Seiyu Yousei Kouza’ means ‘voice actor training lectureship’


In this content, Daisuke Namikawa will be a navigator and teaches you how to behave in studio, suitable outfits to wear and how to perform while recording. Furthermore, this content includes actual recording experiences with other professional voice actors. Recording in VR will provide you realistic experience!

nami_002 nami_003

With cooperation of ATLUS and Aniplex, the recording experience will be provided with real scenes from “Persona 4 Golden”, which Daisuke Namikawa has performed as protagonist Yu Narukami.



This content can be played at VR THEATER featured stores from August 3. Please check the official site (https://www.vrtheater.jp/store/) for further information.


1) Daisuke Namikawa’s ‘Seiyu Yousei Kouza’ (powered by TV anime ‘Persona 4 Golden’) Beginners’ course
2) Daisuke Namikawa’s ‘Seiyu Yousei Kouza’ (powered by TV anime ‘Persona 4 Golden’) Practice course

 Price: 600yen (tax included)

1) approx. 11min
2) approx. 11min


Advanced experiencing event

 “PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB !!!! 2017 ~Minato no Hankou wo Mokugeki Seyo!~” will be held on August 2, 2017 and advanced experiencing of this content will also be held at the event. There will be a limit on the number of people, so please aplly from the URL below!

Applying period: July 19 (12:00) ~ 26 (12:00)
Applying URL: https://www.vrtheater.jp/namikawaentry/


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