Special ‘Live Fantasy -Fairy Tail-‘ Nico Nico Live program with Shuto Miyazaki will air on April 7th, 2016

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Cast members Naoya Gomoto and Hirofumi Araki also to share their insights about the 'Fairy Tail' Stage

IMAGEⒸ Hiro Mashima / Kodansha Ⓒ "FAIRY TAIL" Stage Production Committee 2016

     A special TV program of Live Fantasy -Fairy Tail will be broadcast at Nico Nico Live on April 7th, 2016, from 10 pm.

     This theatrical adaptation of the ongoing manga series, Fairy Tail in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, will be performed on stage from April 30th, 2016 at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Theatre. Everyone’s buzzing about this special broadcast before the performance which will star Shuto Miyazaki, who plays the protagonist Natsu, Naoya Gomoto who plays Brain/Zero, and Hirofumi Araki who plays the role of Jellal Fernandes.

  • Natsu : Shuto Miyazaki


  • Brain/Zero : Naoya Gomoto


  • Jellal Fernandez : Hirofumi Araki

         In addition, an official Nico Nico Channel by the actors of the group D-BOYS, has officially started. This is the channel to which Shuto Miyazaki and Hirofumi Araki truly belong. You can become a member for this channel for monthly fee of 324 yen, and enjoy unlimited viewing of their archived and packaged videos. Furthermore, off-shots or unpublished videos, that could not be included in the package will be shown and available on the channel. Those interested should make sure to check out♪


         ■Special live broadcast of Live fantasy -Fairy Tail – Stage Celebration

         Broadcast date : scheduled on April 7th, 2016 at 10 pm 
         Viewing URL : http: //live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv258014813
         Cast : Shuto Miyazaki, Naoya Gomoto, Hirofumi Araki 
         * Part of this broadcast is limited to premium members

         ■Channel D-Boys – Nico Nico Channel


         Besides the various feature films, you can also enjoy the live broadcast, in which the members appear as guest stars. We hope you enjoy watching the feature films and special details that will be brought to you via the channel, including a closer look into the members of D-BOYS and D-stage.

          ■Live Fantasy -Fairy Tail- Stage

         Performance dates : April 30th – May 9th, 2016
         Venue : Sunshine Theater

         Original work : Hiro Mashima 『FAIRY TAIL』 (Kodansha ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’ series)
         Screenplay and directed : Akiko Kodama

         Natsu : Shuto Miyazaki
         Lucy Hearfilia : Mayu Manaka 
         Gray Fullbuster : Atsushi Shiramata
         Erza Scarlet : Minami Tsukui
         Wendy Marvell : Misaki Momose 
         Brain/Zero : Naoya Gomoto 
         Midnight : Yamato Furuya
         Cobra : Ikkei Yamamoto 
         Angel : Anju Inami
         Racer : Chiaki Itou
         Hot Eye : Chris McCombs
         Ichiya : Kouichiro Tomioka
         Hibiki Lates : Kento Ono
         Jura : Toshiya Kumano
         Lyon Vastia : Ren Ozawa
         Jellal Fernandes : Hirofumi Araki   
                                          And more….

         Live Fantasy Fairy Tail url:http://www.fairytail-stage.com/
         D-BOYS HP:http://www.d-boys.com/

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