Yuya Endo as Levi! Detail of LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan” Part 2!


Reo Honda as Jean, Ryota Hirono as Connie, Mio Imada as Sasha and more and more information are unveiling!


The new casts were announced from LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan”.

The role of Levi will be played by Yuya Endo, who takes active parts in musicals, movies and dramas. His sharp eyes speak as eloquent as mouth.

Jean Kirstein will be played by Reo Honda, who is talented with performing break dance and acrobat skills to attract the audiences.

Connie Springer will be played by Ryota Hirono, who is a fresh actor having potentials of singing and performing acrobats. He is talented to perform quick footwork with his small body.

Sasha Blouse will be played by Mio Imada, who will be performing on stage for the first time.

Dot Pixis will be played by an elegant actor Hidekazu Nagae, who adds spice to the drama with his stateliness appearance.

Erwin Smith will be played by Shuuhei Izumi, who has experienced performing in many musicals, movies, dramas and commercials with his high leveled skills of acting.

Furthermore, talented casts, Zenitu Hashimoto, Koji Saikawa, Hiroaki Harumoto and Kana Sakai are joining the performance.

Adding to these, Alexandra Rutter (Whole Hog Theatre) was chosen as a movement director. She is an art director and a director of a theater company called ‘Whole’ in Britain, and became famous with directing the musical version of “Princess Mononoke” in 2013, which was the first musical product permitted by Studio Ghibli. Her creative directions and beauty of staging are worth watching at theaters. Here is a message from her about LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan”.



To work on “Attack on Titan” is a dream come true. I am truly honoured, thankful and excited to work with Ms. Akiko Kodama and Japanese people to bring it to life on stage!


LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan”

Performing period: July 28~November 3
*July28~30 will be preview performances.
Place: MAIHAMA Amphitheater

 HP: https://shingeki-stage.com/

 Tickets: All seats reserved, tax included
Premier view seat: 13,000yen (Includes bonus item)
Stage side seat: 11,000yen
Wide view seat: 9,500yen
Value seat: 6,500yen
5 preview performances (July28~30) will be 500yen discount.
Further information will be on official site.

 Bonus features of purchasing Premier view seat:

  1. Premier card with serial number & Ticket holder
  2. Offer to using fast-casher to buy items
  3. Complimentary services available at IKSPIARI(R).

・Fastest pre-sales (only for people who are members of e-mail magazine) (Only selling 5 preview performance tickets)
Subscription period: February 16, 12:00~ 22, 23:59 (Japan time)
Public sales period: April 9, 12:00~ (Japan time)


Original work = “Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama (serializing on Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine)
Director = Akiko Kodama
Movement director = Alexandra Rutter(Whole Hog Theatre)
Screenplay = Takeshi Matsumura
Music = Shunsuke Wada
Staging, choreography = TAKAHIRO (Takahiro Ueno)
Acrobat = Kazutaka Yoshino
Art = Rumi Matsui
Producer = Shintaro Kawakubo (Kodansha), Makoto Matsuda (NELKE PLANNING)


Eren Yeager = Hiroki Miura
Mikasa Ackerman = Minami Tsukui
Armin Arlert = Shogo Sakamoto
Levi = Yuya Endo
Jean Kirstein = Reo Honda
Connie Springer = Ryota Hirono
Sasha Blouse = Mio Imada
Dot Pixis = Hidekazu Nagae
Erwin Smith = Shuuhei Izumi
Zenitu Hashimoto, Koji Saikawa, Hiroaki Harumoto, Kana Sakai and more