Hiroki Miura as Eren! Detail of LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan” is Unveiled!


Visuals of Eren, Mikasa and Armin are also unveiled!


Popular manga “Attack on Titan” (serializing on Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine) is being a theatrical production as LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan” and its casts and performance information were announced.

 This time, visuals of 3 main characters were announced.

 Eren will be played by Hiroki Miura, who has played Keigo Atobe in Tenimyu (The Prince of Tennis Musical), Mikasa will be played by an actress Minami Tsukui who is famous for acrobats and dance performances and Armin will be played by Shogo Sakamoto, who is also known as a singer and songwriter.

 Number of the casts, including all the performers will be up to 150 people. Let’s wait to see how they perform on stages.

 Hiroki Miura as Eren Yeager

Minami Tsukui as Mikasa Ackerman

Shogo Sakamoto as Armin Arlert


Furthermore, some of the members from staffs were also announced. This theatrical production will be produced by Shintaro Kawakubo, who is an editor for manga “Attack on Titan”. He will produce this performance with a play producer Makoto Matsuda from NELKE PLANNING. Moreover, the direction will be by Akiko Kodama, who has directed LIVE SPECTACLE “Naruto”. Here are the comments from Shintaro Kawakubo and Akiko Kodama.


Comment: Producer Shintaro Kawakubo

I have been asked “what is the core of Attack on Titan’s interest?” for so many times and I have prepared some answers for all the time, but I thought that I could never answer them fully. However, it’s now 7 and half years since the manga started, and at last, I’m now able to answer the question from the bottom of my heart. I’m trying to express my answer as “live performance”, so please enjoy it.


Comment: Director Akiko Kodama

It’s “Attack on Titan”. I thought I needed it to be massive scale with 150 of performers to make the stage successful. They are all representative creators not only represent in Japan, but throughout all over the world. Manpower and technology has united as one to achieve a masterpiece which makes the audience to feel that “It was a most shocking stage I have ever seen”. Please expect it.


The performance will start from July 28, 2017 at MAIHAMA Amphitheater. The fastest pre-sales of tickets will start on February 16, 12:00~ only for people who are members of e-mail magazine. Be prepared to enter the world of “Attack on Titan” as stage performance.


LIVE IMPACT “Attack on Titan”

Performing period: July 28~November 3
*July28~30 will be preview performances.
Place: MAIHAMA Amphitheater

 HP: https://shingeki-stage.com/

 Tickets: All seats reserved, tax included
Premier view seat: 13,000yen (Includes bonus item)
Stage side seat: 11,000yen
Wide view seat: 9,500yen
Value seat: 6,500yen
5 preview performances (July28~30) will be 500yen discount.
Further information will be on official site.

 Fastest pre-sales (only for people who are members of e-mail magazine) (Only selling 5 preview performance tickets)
Subscription period: February 16, 12:00~ 22, 23:59 (Japan time)
Public sales period: April 9, 12:00~ (Japan time)

Original work = “Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama (serializing on Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine)
Director = Akiko Kodama
Movement director = Alexandra Rutter(Whole Hog Theatre)
Screenplay = Takeshi Matsumura
Music = Shunsuke Wada
Staging, choreography = TAKAHIRO (Takahiro Ueno)
Acrobat = Kazutaka Yoshino
Art = Rumi Matsui
Producer = Shintaro Kawakubo (Kodansha), Makoto Matsuda (NELKE PLANNING)

Eren Yeager = Hiroki Miura
Mikasa Ackerman = Minami Tsukui
Armin Arlert = Shogo Sakamoto
And more