Popular Manga Series ‘Otome Youkai Zakuro’ To Make Its Stage Debut Come January 2017

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Kosuke Asuma・Yuya Asato to join the exciting cast♪

©Lily Hoshino/Gentosha Comics・Stage adaptation 'Otome Youkai Zakuro' Production Committee

     This just in. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular manga series, Otome Youkai Zakuro (Maiden Spirit Zakuro) serialized in ‘Monthly comic birz’, the manga will hit the stage for an exciting theatrical performance.

     The story takes place during the Westernization of an alternate Japan, where the ‘spirits’ and humans coexist. The story depicts the love and other incidences between the ‘half spirit’ girls and second lieutenants.

     Popular actor Kosuke Asuma, who made his debut as Touru Oikawa in the stage play ‘Haikyuu,’ will be in a leading role of Kei Agemaki.

     Plus, actor Yuya Asato, who attracted the attention for his role as Kaiga Tagami in a stage play ‘Kuroko’s Basketball The Encounter,’ will be playing the role of Omodaka who opposes Asuma.

     Also, Tomohito Wakizaki will be playing the role of Riken Yoshinokazura, and Kaisei Abe will be Ganryu Hanakiri. Both of them are the second lieutenants in the imperial army.

     This stage performance is based on volumes 1 to 6 of the original comics. A total of 12 performances are scheduled between January 18th – 25th, 2017 at Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero (Shibuya, Tokyo).

     Stay tuned to learn more about this musical and get ready to experience the breathtaking world of ‘Otome Youkai Zakura’ on stage!

     Details :

     ‘Otome Youkai Zakuro’ stage adaptation

Performance schedule : January 18th – January 25th, 2017 * Total of 12 performances
     Theater : Zenrosai hall / Space zero
     Cost : S seat with special benefit 8000 yen (including tax)
     A seat 6000 yen (including tax)
     * All seats may be reserved beforehand.

     Staff :
     Author : Lily Hoshino ‘Gentosha Comics (Monthly comic birz series)
     Screenplay and directed by : Satoshi Owada

     Cast :
     Kei Agemaki : Kosuke Asuma
     Riken Yoshinokazura : Tomohito Wakizaki
     Ganryu Hanakiri : Kaisei Abe
     Omodaka : Yuya Asato(TOKYO Ryuseigun)
     and more. . .

     Website : http://zakuro-stage.jp
     Twitter : @zakuro_stage

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