Anime ‘Blue Exorcist’ Stage Adaptation ‘Kyoto Crimson Lotus Saga’ To Start August 2016

2016.05.02 <PASH! PLUS+>

Visuals for Okumura Rin & Yukio have arrived, along with comments from the cast and staff

Ⓒ2016 Kato Kazue/Shueisha・Stage 'Blue Exorcist' Project

     The popular comic Blue Exorcist, which is currently running in ‘Jump SQ’ by Shueisha Publishing Co. Ltd., is being adapted for the stage in August 2016.

     This time the performances will be about the ever popular Kyoto Crimson Lotus Saga, or the comic equivalent of volumes 5~9.   Many fans are excited and anticipation is rising because the stage performance will depict the battles over the Fusenou.

     Main visuals along with the character visuals for Ryo Kitamura playing Rin Okamoto, and Shuto Miyazaki playing Yukio (Rin’s younger brother) have been released along with comments from the cast.

     Role of Rin Okumura: Ryo Kitamura


     ~Cast comment~
Hello! I’m Ryo Kitamura and will be playing the roll of Rin Okumura in the stage performance of “Blue Exorcist” Crimson Lotus Saga.

     ‘Blue Exorcist’ is a piece I like very much and I’m really happy to be able to play the role of the main character Rin Okumura!  We’re going to make it a great stage with Yukio and the gang so please look forward to it!

     □ Role of Yukio Okumura: Shuto Miyazaki


     ~Cast comment~
Hello everyone.  I’m Shuto Miyazaki playing the roll of Yukio Okumura.

     I was really into the original comics so when it got adapted for the stage I thought ‘I really want to be in it!’  So I’m really happy to be a part of this project.  Plus out of all the stories it’s the popular ‘Crimson Lotus Saga’ so I’m pretty exited.

     I’m going to put my all into the character and production so that all the ‘Blue Exorcist’ and Yukio fans can appreciate it. So please look forward to our stage!

     Also comments have arrived from the author of the original series Kazue Kato, who participated in the screenwriting for this stage performance of the ‘Blue Exorcist,’ as well as from Daisuke Nishida who is once again the producer and director of the project. 

     ~ Comments from Kazue Kato – Original author and script collaborator ~
I’m so grateful that Mr. Nishida is directing again, because I know I can count on him.

     I’m looking forward for the shows to start!!

     ~ Comments from Daisuke Nishida – Screenplay writer and director ~
I’m really exited to be able to bring that passionate grandiose world of the ‘Blue Exorcist’ to the stage once again.

     I hope to bring the blue ‘light’ that continues to prevail through the troubles and darkness that surrounds Rin & Yukio.

     I’m going to depict the powerful fights in great detail with in your face energy, that you can only experience by watching a live stage performance.  I hope a lot of people can experience and check it out.

     The performances will be at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi from August 5 (Fri) ~ 14 (Sun) 2016. Pre-orders for tickets will be from June 18 (Sat) 10 am onward. There will also be advanced reservations at ‘Jump SQ’ so check that out as well.


     Blue Exorcist : Kyoto Crimson Lotus Saga – Stage Version of Blue Exorcist

Performance dates : August 5 to 14, 2016
     Theatre : Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi
     Ticket Price : 7,800 yen (Prior sales and same day price, all seats reserved, tax included)

     ※Preschool children are not permitted.


     Advanced Sales : June 18(Sat) 2016 10 am~
     Ticket Handling Website : (e-plus)
     HP :
     Twitter :@aoex_stage

     Staff :
     Original Creator/Script Cooperation :  Kazue Kato(Serialized in Shueshia’s Jump SQ)
     Script Director :  Daisuke Nishida 

     Cast :
     Rin Okumura : Ryo Kitamura
     Yukio Okumura : Shuto Miyazaki  and others

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