‘Touken Ranbu: The Musical’ Will Be Live at the Itsukushima Shrine for One Night Only

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11 New Touken Boys to take the stage

©Touken Ranbu: The Musical Production Committee

     Touken Ranbu : The Musical
is scheduled to begin its official run on December 2016. This
musical was also chosen to be specially performed at the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima prefecture, which is one of Japan’s big three sites and also registered on the UNESCO World Heritage (Cultural Heritage) List. The performance is called ‘Touken Ranbu: The Musical, Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Itsukushima Shrine’s UNESCO World Heritage Site Registration.’

     This special performance will be a part of the event held to commemorate 20 years since the registration of the Itsukushima Shrine, also recognized as a Japanese National Treasure, onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. Only a single performance is scheduled for the night of November 12, 2016.

     This performance will feature a total of 11 actors including 6 Touken Boys from the ‘The Strange Tale of Atsuga Shimura-san’ and 5 new actors working on a fresh performance that has been in the works since September. The same 11 Touken Boys will come together on stage again during ‘Touken Ranbu: The Musical’ later in December.
The 11 Touken Boys will descend on Itsukushima Shrine’s stage to give a special one-time performance composed of famous scenes and music from ‘The Strange Tale of Atsuga Shimura-san’ stage and a brand new performance. Witness the historical moment within Touken Musical, where the Touken Boys will unite on stage for one night only.


     Touken Ranbu : The Musical, Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Itsukushima Shrine’s
UNESCO World Heritage Site Registration
     Dates November 12, 2016, Entry at  6:30 pm Curtain Rise at 7 pm 
Alternative Day: November 13, 2016, Entry at 6:30 pm Curtain Rise at 7 pm
Show may be delayed or cancelled due to rainy or stormy weather.
Venue Hiroshima PrefectureKoubutai (High Stage) at Ikutsushima Shrine, one of Japan’s National Treasures          
Original Work Touken Ranbu -Online- from DMM GAMES/Nitroplus
Director Isamu Kajino

     Munechika Mikazuki : Mario Kuroba  
Kogitsunemaru : Ryou Kitazono  
Ishikirimatsu : Tsubasa Sakiyama  
Iwatoushi : Daichi Saeki  
Imanotsurugi : Shunya Oohira  
Kiyomitsu Kashuu : Ryuuji Satou  
Yamato no Kamiyasusada : Yuuki Torigoe  
Kanesada Izuminokami : Shuutaro Arizawa  
Kunihiro Horikawa : Yuuki Ogoe  
Kotetsu Hochisuka : Kensuke Takahashi  
Kotetsu Nagasone : Yu Imari

Price : 10,000 yen (All seats reserved/Tax included)

* The tickets for this performance can only be bought by premium members on the official fan site.
* Those who register for premium membership by August 15 (Mon), 2016 will be able to purchase tickets at the entrance. Check the official homepage (https://musical-toukenranbu.jp/) for performance details and membership registration.
   For inquiries concerning the performance: Nelke Planning
   TEL: 03-3715-5624 (Weekdays 11 am
to 6 pm)

     Website https://musical-toukenranbu.jp/

Twitter @musical_touken

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