‘Kochikame’ Stage Play’s Special PV Featuring Kameari Area Released

2016.07.22 <PASH! PLUS+>

Set in Kameari, the main cast dances and sings♪

©Osamu Akimoto・Atelier B-Dama/Shueshia©Kochikame Stage Play Production Committee 2016

     A Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo stage play (or ‘Kochikame‘ stage play for short) is in production for the first time in 10 years. A new TV anime adaptation of the manga has also been announced and a promotional video for the exciting stage performance, filmed in Tokyo’s Kameari area, has been released during the ‘Praying for Big Success’ event held during the Tanabata holiday celebrations. 


     In the video, the main cast of 10 people; LaSalle Ishii, Rina Ikoma (Nogizaka 46), Yuuji, Mikie Hara, Tetsuhiro Ikeda, Ruito Aoyagi, Ryousuke Mikata, Shouhei, Ryou Kitazono, Yukichi Fukizawa enter the stage wearing their character’s costumes to the tune of ‘Oideyo Kameari'(Come on Kameari). Thanks to the cooperation from people in the local areas like the Kameari Shopping Street, Katori Shrine, and the local children, the PV is full of fun and love for Kameari. ‘It will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face!’

     Have a look at the making-of photos shot during filming of the promotional video♪

     kochikame01_20160722 kochikame02_20160722 kochikame04_20160722
     kochikame05_20160722 kocikame03_20160722

     The stage play performances have been scheduled for Tokyo and Osaka from September 9, 2016. LaSalle Ishii serves as the director and screenplay writer. He is also playing the lead role. Sale of general tickets will start from July 24, at 10am, so go check it out♪


     40th Anniversary Special Stage Play ‘Kochira Katsushika-kuKameariKouen Mae Hashutsujo’  (Kochikame)

     Performance Schedule : 
     Tokyo = September 9 (Fri) – 19 (Mon, National holiday), 2016 / AiiA2.5 Theater Tokyo
     Osaka = September 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun), 2016 / Sankei Hall Breeze
     Price : 6,800 yen (advance sales / same day sales / all tickets may be reserved / tax included) 
     Tickets general sale : July 24 (Sun), 2016 10 am ~

     Staff :
     Original Creator : Osamu Akimoto(Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from Shueshia)
     Screenplay ・ Direction ・ Starring : LasalleIshii
     Production : Kochikame Stage Play Production Committee 2016(Nelke Planning/Shueshia/ADK)
     Production Assistance : Weekly Shonen Jump Editioral Board/Japan 2.5D Musical Association

     Cast :
     KankichiRyutsuu : Lasalle Ishii
     Keiichi Nakamura : Yuuji
     Reiko Catherine Akimoto : Mikie Hara
     Sanshiro Mukoujima : Tetsuhiro Ikeda
     Ai Asato : Yoshika Kobayashi
     DaijirouOohara : ToutaTawaragi
     Detective Umipan : Meiken Itou
     Big Mama : Nao Ayaki
     Pinch : Etsuko Niira
     Punch : MayuMusha
     Fish Seller・God, etc : Akihiro Kawamoto
     Ryo : Ruito Aoyagi
     Wake : RyousukeMikata
     Makoto : Shouhei
     Hiroshi : Ryou Kitazono
     Satoshi : Yukichi Fukizawa
     Lady Officer, etc : Saori Kozuki
     Lady Officer, etc : SumikoTani
     Lady Officer, etc : Kageyoshi Nakamura
     Old Man Okuyama : Akira Sakamoto
     Saki : Rina Ikoma(Nogizaka46)

     Website :http://kochikame-stage.jp/(Official Stage Site)
     Website :http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kochikame-stage/(Official Stage Blog)
     Twitter :@kochikame_stage 

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