‘Patalliro!’ Stage Play’s New Cast Announced For December Performances

2016.07.22 <PASH! PLUS+>

His Majesty, Patalliro recreated in high quality in a newly released key visual

©Mineo Maya/Hakusensha (Bessatsu Hana to Yume・Melody・Hana LaLa online)

     The distinctive casting for His Majesty, Patalliro, the main character from the ‘Patalliro!’ stage play has been announced.

     Here is a look at the visuals that are out. Ryo Kato will be playing Patalliro.

     We have also received comments from him and author Mineo Maya. Let’s see what they have to say.

     ●Ryo Kato (Patalliro role)

Earlier when the play was announced, a majority of the audience commented that I was perfect for the role of Patalliro. I am grateful and will humbly take on the lead role ☆
     I want to help create a wonderful ‘Patalliro’ show along with the rest of the wonderful staff and cast!!!
     I hope you look forward to the results♪ (PAPAN-GA-PAN)♪♪

     Maya Mineo (Author)

It is almost impossible to convey the supernatural characters from ‘Patalliro’ on stage, but I am happy that it has worked out really well.
     Tetsuyo Ikeda will be working on the screenplay. He is popular not only as an actor, but also as a scriptwriter of movies, TV dramas, and theatrical performances.  
     Kensaku Kobayashi is the director. He is member of ‘The Condors’ Dance Company and has gained a lot of popularity from Oflofsky in ‘Mitsuketa’ on NHK ETV, and is a talented entertainer with his well-known performance in the year-long historical drama ‘SanadaMaru’.

     The performance will begin December 8, 2016 at Kinokuniya Hall (Shinjuku, Tokyo). The ‘Patalliro’ sensation shall once again hit Japan!


     ‘Patalliro!’ stage play

Performance Dates : December 8 (Thurs) to 25 (Sun), 2016
     Venue : Kinokuniya Hall (Shinjuku Tokyo)

     Staff :
     Original Work : Patalliro! by Mineo Maya 
     Script : Tetsuyo Ikeda
     Direction : Kensaku Kobayashi
     Planning・Production : Nelke Planning
     Promotion : Nelke Planning
     In Association With : Japan 2.5D Musical Association

     Cast :
     Patalliro : Ryo Kato
     Maraich : Hiroki Sana
     Tamanegi Squadron : Kei Hosagai, Sonde Kanai, Shun Ishida, Kousei Kishimoto
     Maya Men : Ginpei Satou, Sumihiro Furukawa, Hinaga Mikami, Ippei Sai(※Alternating Roles), Naoto Katori(※Alternating Roles)
     Bancoran : Tsunenori Aoki

     ※Maya Men is a title given to specialists who can bring the world of Maya Mineo to life. Otherwise known as special extras.

     Website :http://www.nelke.co.jp/stage/patalliro/

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