Part 2 of Ultra Musical ‘Bakumatsu Rock – Perry Expedition’ Character Visuals Out Now

2016.07.26 <PASH! PLUS+>

Shinsaku Takasugi, Makoto Kamen, and Kaishu Katsu make their debuts

©2014 Marvelous Inc./Bakumatsu Rock Production Committee ©2014 Marvelous Inc./Ultra opera 'Bakumatsu Rock' Production Committee

     The Super opera Bakumatsu Rock – Perry Expedition will start in the summer of 2016. The second set of character visuals for the show is now available to your eyes.

     Here is an exclusive scoop on three of the newest characters.

     Shinsaku Takasugi : played by Yojiro Itokawa


     Makoto Kamen
: played by Teruma


     Kaishu Katsu : played by Dai Iwasaki



     Ultra Musical ‘Bakumatsu Rock’ Perry Expedition

     Dates :
     [Kyoto] Kyoto Gekijo
     August 20th – August 21st, 2016
     [Tokyo] Ex Theater Roppongi
     September 3rd – September 9th, 2016

     Staff :
     Original work : ‘Bakumatsu Rock’ (Marvelous)
     Screenplay・director : Kotaro Yoshitani
     Music production : TV Asahi Music

     Cast :
     Ryoma Sakumoto : Shinji Rachi
     Shinsaku Takasugi : Yojiro Itokawa
     Katsura Kogoro : Ryo Mitsuya
     Hijikata Toshizo : Teruma
     Soji Okita : Yoshihide Sasaki
     Otose : Takuo Yamagishi
     Yoshinobu Tokugawa : Kimeru
     Kaishu Katsu : Dai Iwasaki
     Naosuke Ii : Yu Yoshioka
     Matthew Perry Jr : Kentaro Kanesaki
     and more…

     Ticket services : Eventify
     Price :
       General 7,200yen (tax included)
       Premium tickets (with pamphlets and limited edition merchandise) 10,800yen (tax included)

     * ‘Premium tickets (with pamphlets)’ are tickets that can only be purchased in advance (these tickets are different from official second-priority tickets, general tickets, and day-of tickets). With premium tickets, you can enjoy the theater from the first floor front row seats.

     In the theater, you will be gifted with a set of show pamphlets (otherwise for sale) and goodies limited for premium tickets (not for sale)

     Ticket schedule :
     Official first-priority tickets- From 12am on June 23rd – 23:59pm on July 3rd, 2016
     Official second-priority tickets- From 12am on July 4th – 23:59pm on July 13th, 2016
     General ticket sales : July 23rd, 2016 from 10am onwards

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     BLOG :
     Twitter : @bakumatsu69

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