New ‘Yowamushi Pedal’ Stage – ‘The Hakone Academy Chapter’ Features Riki Tanimizu As Manami Sangaku

2016.06.20 <PASH! PLUS+>

Begins in September at Tokyo and Osaka - Additional Cast includes Keisuke Higashi as Takuto Ashikiba, Ryutarou Akimoto as Yukinari Kuroda and Kentarou Kanesaki as Masakiyo Doubashi

New Cast Member Riki Tanimizu as Manami Sangaku ©Wataru Watanabe(Weekly Shonen Champion)2008/Yowamushi Pedal Grand RoadProduction Committee 2014 ©Wataru Watanabe(Weekly Shonen Champion)/ Marvelous, TOHO, TMS Entertainmen

     A new Yowamushi Pedal stage play was just announced on June 20, 2016. Further schedule and theater locations have been announced as well.

     The new stage show is set to open at two locations, Tokyo and Osaka. The Tokyo performances will be from September 30th onwards at Tokyo Dome City Hall, and the Osaka performances will be from October 7th onwards at the Orix Theater.

     The eighth stage play, known as Sohoku’s New Generation Begins, was released in March 2016 featuring characters that truly mark the beginning of the next generation. The latest show depicts the Hakone Academy Chapter featuring Hakone Academy, the rival of Sohoku High School which is the main school in the story.

     New face Riki Tanimizu has been selected to play the famous character Manami Sangaku. Tanimizu, who also played Mao Isara in the recent play Ensemble Stage! On Stage, has garnered huge attention for his enthusiastic performances.

     ●Manami Sangaku : Riki Tanimizu


     Furthermore, the play also features characters from the previous plays including Keisuke Higashi as Takuto Ashikiba, Takuya Kawaharada as Touichirou Izumida, Ryutarou Akimoto as Yukinari Kuroda, and Kentarou Kanesaki as Masakiyo Doubashi.

     ●Takuto Ashikiba : Keisuke Higashi


     ●Touichirou Izumida : Takuya Kawaharada


     ●Yukinari Kuroda : Ryutarou Akimoto


     ●Masakiyo Doubashi : Kentarou Kanesaki


     Shatner Nishida continues his supervisory role as writer and director of the play, and Manzo is in charge of the music.

     Details of the second episode featuring your favorite actors will be announced later on. Fans are eagerly waiting for further information on the Yowamushi Stars.

     Yowamushi Pedal ‘Hakone Academy Chapter’ Stage Play

     Blog :
     Twitter :@y_pedalstage

     Performance Schedule :
     Tokyo Tokyo Dome City Hall/September 30th – October 2nd
     Osaka Orix Theater/October 7th – October 10th

     Staff :
     Original Work : Wataru Watanabe – Yowamushi Pedal(Serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from Akita Shoten)
     Direction and Script : Shatner Nishida
     Music : manzo

     Cast :
     Takuto Ashikiba : Keisuke Higashi
     Touichirou Izumida : Takuya Kawaharada
     Yukinari Kuroda : Ryutarou Akimoto
     Manami Sangaku : Riki Tanimizu
     Masakiyo Doubashi : Kentarou Kanesaki

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