‘Touken Ranbu -Katanasute-‘ Stage Play’s Final Show Exclusive Archives will be Streaming Online along with Many Other Titles

2016.05.27 <PASH! PLUS+>

Special Website For 2.5D Musical and Other Stage Productions Now Online

©Stage 'Touken Ranbu' Production Committee

     Streaming of exclusive archives of the last performance of Touken Ranbu -Katanasute- starts May 27, 2016 at 12 noon.

     DMM.com is also hosting a special site showing various other performances and 2.5D musicals. In addition to ‘Katana sute’, ‘Hyper projection drama ‘Haikyu-Itadaki no keishiki,’ and ‘Live fantasy ‘Fairy Tail’ will also be streamed.

     As for the other ‘Touken Ranbu’ stage performance ‘Touken Ranbu The Musical-Atsukashiibun,’ performances are scheduled to start on July 14 and reserved tickets are currently on sale.

     Excitement is building for the 2.5D musical and stage performance. Any fans who haven’t watched the performance live, make sure to check it out.


     Streaming of Exclusive Archives of Final ‘Touken Ranbu -Katanasute-‘ Performance

     Beginning date : May 27, 2016 at 12 pm
     Website : http: //dmm.com/2404
     Sale format : 
     HD streaming : 1,450 yen (including taxes) for 7 days
     HD download : 2,500 yen (including taxes) for 30 days

     2.5D Musical and stage performance special site
Opens on : May 27, 2016 at 12 pm
     Website : http: //dmm.com/2437
     Compatible devices : PC, smartphone

     Streaming Line Up :  

     ・Stage ‘Touken Ranbu’
     ・Hyper projection drama ‘Haikyu-Itadaki no Keishiki’
     ・Live fantasy ‘Fairy Tail’
     ・Performance by Ebisu Private Junior High School, Theatre Shrimp ‘Girls Business Satellite’
     ・DMM.yell presents stage performance ‘Atsuizou! Nekogaya!!’
     ・’Lychee ☆ Light Club’
     ・Stage performance version ‘Psychic Detective Yakumo-Itsuwari no Ki’
     ・Stage performance version ‘Psychic Detective Yakumo-Inori no hitsuki’
     ・Musical ‘Samurai 7′
     ・Stage performance ‘Kamisama hajimemashite The Musical’

     Reservations : 

     ・ Musical ‘Musical ‘Touken Ranbu’-Atsukashiibun-‘
     *Scheduled to start on July 14 (Fri) 

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