‘Blue Exorcist: Crimson Kyoto’ Stage Project Reveals its Cast And Key Visual for August Run

2016.05.15 <PASH! PLUS+>

Advance Ticket Booking Info and New Commercials to Check Out

Ⓒ2016 Kazue Kato/Shueshia・Blue Exorcist Stage Play Project

     We got some some hot and fresh news about Blue Exorcist, the popular manga and anime. The full cast and
other tidbits on the new stage play version called, Blue Exorcist : Crimson Kyoto, are here so let’s get right into it.

     Not only do we know the cast, but a new key visual is out (seen to your right).  Not only do you have Rin and Yukio, but Suguro Ryuji, Hojuu Mamushi, Shima Juzo, Suguro Tatsuma, Todo Saburota and Mephistopheles are featured here as well.

     Advanced ticket sales have also started today on the stage play’s official website. Also don’t forget to check out the two new commercials which are also below for your enjoyment.

     30 second commercial

     15 second commercial


     Details :

     Blue Exorcist : Crimson Kyoko – Stage Version of Blue Exorcist

     Website http://www.ao-ex.com/stage/
     Twitter @aoex_stage

     Performance dates : August 5 to 14, 2016
     Theatre : Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi

     Ticket Price : 7,800 yen (Prior and same day price, all seats reserved, tax included) 
     ※Preschool children are not permitted. 
     Advance Ticket Sales Begin : June 18, 2016 at 10 am      
Ticket handling : E-Plus                                                   
     Website :  http://eplus.jp/ao-ex/

     Ticket Inquires : Office ENDLESS
     TEL03-6457-8023  Weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm (Excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
     ●Official Website Advance Ticket Sales 
     Sales Period : May 15 at 6 pm to May 23 at 6 pm
     For details visit the official website :  http://www.ao-ex.com/stage/!!

     Staff  :
     Original Creator/Script Cooperation :  Kazue Kato
Serialized in Shueshia’s Jump SQ                                    
     Script Director :  Daisuke Nishida                       
     Production :  Blue Exorcist Stage Play Project
AniplexE-PlusTOKYO MXZepp Live

     Cast :
     Rin Okamura :  Ryo Kitamura   
     Yukio Okamura :  Akito Miyazaki 
     Ryuji Suguro :  Ikkei Yamamoto
     Renzo Shima :  KoujiSaikawa  
     Konekomaru Miwa :  Hiroto Tsuchii   
     Shiemi Moriyama :  Konomi Maeda   
     Izumo Kamiki :  Masae Kato                     
     Mephisto Pheles :  Taiyou Awakawa   
     Shura Kirikagure :  Hitomi Yasue
     Nemu Takara :  Asami Tano  
     Juuzou Shima :  Junpei Hayashida
     Kinzou Shima :  Ryonosuke Matsumura
     Shiro Fujimoto :  Atsushi Karahashi   
     Tatsuma Suguro :  Kousen  
     Yaozo Shima :  Nozomu Masusawa
     Sabutora Todo :  Masanari Matsukaze

     Story :
     Young Rin Okamura, who carries the blood of Satan, trains under his older Exorcist brother Yukio, along with his new friends at an Exorcist Cram School called True Cross Academy. One day a powerful artifact, the Left Eye of the Impure King, which was sealed in the depths of True Cross, is stolen. Whats more, the Right Eye, which is sealed at the Academys Kyoto branch has been attacked. Rin and the other students make their way to Kyoto. The culprits objective seems to be the resurrection of the demon, the Impure King, who once killed tens of thousands long ago in the Edo Period. Can Kyoto be saved from this oncoming disaster?

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