‘Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Stage Play!’ reveals the third set of character visuals

2016.02.23 <PASH! PLUS+>

Three cast revealed: Kinshiro Kusatsu for the role of Takahisa Maeyama、Yu Imari as Ibushi Arima, and Souta Kashigawa as Akoya Geri

ⒸUmatani Kurari / Binan High School Drama Club

     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Stage Play!,
the stage production of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, has announced its third set of Character Visuals. And they are introduced right here.

     Takahisa Maeyama as Kinshiro Kusatsu

Yu Imary as Ibushi Arima

     Souta Kashiwagi as Akoya Gero


     Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Stage Play!

     Original Work :   Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Kurari Umatani
Screenplay and Production :   Hiroki Murakami
Performance Dates :   March 10  to 13, 2016
Venue :   Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi

Yumoto Hakone  :  Tomoru Akazwa
En Yufuin  :  Maasa Igarashi
Atsushi Kinugawa  :  Yuuki Ochi
Iou Naruko  :  Shota Takasaki
Ryu Zao  :  Yoshihiko Aramaki
Kinshiro Kusatsu  :  Takahisa Maeyama
Ibushi Arima  :  Yu Imari
Akoya Gero  :  Souta Kashiwaga
Takuo Yamagishi, Takeya Nishiyama, and others

General admission :   6,800 yen (incl. tax)
     Handling Service:
Lawson Tickets L code38333
Internet booking: http://l-tike.com/boueibu-love_s/


Organizers: Marvelous, Pony Canyon, Sega live Creation

Work Summary
     Five boys, including Hakone Yumoto from Binan high school, somehow gather as the “Earth defense club” and lazily pass their time away. Suddenly a talkative pink wombat appears in front of them. “I want to protect this planet…would you lend me your strength.” With this simple incident, the Heir to the throne of Love appoints the five boys as “Battle Lovers.” Using the trans-forming power of “loveracelets” to “Love Making” (tranform), they fight to fill the earth with love.
These five boys, who ended up literally protecting the world, fight against the monsters sent by the earth conquest club led by Kinshiro Kusatsu. Original characters to this stage show  will also appear, and a special story not in the original work is also expected!

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