The ‘Black Opera Lychee Light Club’ Opens December 18

2015.12.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

Commentary from Director Masahiko Kawahara and Lead Tomoya Nakamura

©Furuya Usamaru/Lychee Light Club Project 2015

     The Black Opera Lychee Light Club also known as Lychee Hikari Club kicked off today on December 18th at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo. The photographs of the dress rehearsal and also comments from the director Mr. Masahiko Kawahara and Tomoya Nakamura who plays ‘Zera’ will tell us some more about it.

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▪Masahiko Kawahara (Director)
     We thought of creating a story setting which moved ahead and conveyed the meaning of the words, “You don’t have to go that far!” We created the opera with this in mind. The staff and cast have given their best in Lychee Light Club. Here, as we are towards the end of this year, let’s welcome the New Year along with this opera too.

▪Tomoya Nakamura (Zera)
     During this month, no actually, even before the rehearsals began, we wanted to do something which was not just interesting or entertaining; we wanted to do something “out of the box”, something amazing!

     However, it was very difficult and today we are here, on the first day of the performance after surpassing many hurdles and failures. 

     We have been able to create something “overwhelmingly amazing” and we are gladly offering it to you. The performance will not only fascinate the fans of the original Lychee but also the theatre lovers who are not familiar with the original.
     In this December which is now steeped in the colors of Christmas, be a witness to our struggle…

     Sale of the DVDs and also Closing night live viewing of the opera will be held in all theatres across the country. So all those interested, do check out!


Black Opera Lychee Light Club

Performance Days:December 18 to 27, 2015
Venue:AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo

 Original Work=Usamaru Furuya, Ohta Publishing Lychee Light Club
 Director=Masahiko Kawahara
   Performance Director=Munetaka Maki (Tokyo GeGeGay)
 Script=Maruoichirou (Gekidan Shika Koroshi)

 Tomoya Nakamura
 Reo Tamaoki
 Sumihiro Furukawa
 Hiroyuki Anoue
 Ryousuke Ikeoka
 Tomoro Akazawa
 Ryousuke Mikata
 Ryou Katou
 BOW (Tokyo GeGeGay)
 MARIE (Tokyo GeGeGay)
 MIKU (Tokyo GeGeGay)
 YUYU (Tokyo GeGeGay)
 Kanade Nanaki

Ticket Prices:7,800 yen (Both Advance and Same Day, All Seats Reserved, incl. tax)
Playbills Available from:e+, Ticket Api, Lawson Ticket


     A town covered with smoke from industries; in the ruins of this Keiko town was the base of a club of teenage boys, the Light Club. With an aim to do a “noble deed” and clean up the filth, they build a machine and name it “Lychee”.

     The boys refuse to become adults. Their endeavor to remain beautiful eternally seems childish, violence and madness takes over.

     Director Masahiko Kawahara, a talented team of all well known and versatile actors starting from Tomoya Nakamura, and the group Tokyo GeGeGay, recreate ‘this world’ full of chaos and confusion!

Lychee Light Club Secret Base:

■Performance DVD
On Sale:April 27, 2016
Reservation Deadline:March 17
Price:6,000 yen (incl. tax) or 5,556 yen (+ tax)
Contains:Main Performance and Extra Footage
Bonus for Reserving at Theatres:A5 Size Clear File&Photographs of the Performance

※Reservations Can Be Made During The Time of Release at Respective Theatres as Well

■Closing Night Live Viewing
Date:December 27, 2015 at 6pm
Venue: Movie Theatres Nationwide
 * The opening time differs as per the theatres.
 * Persons of less than 16 years of age will not be admitted for shows of screening time after 7pm unless accompa-nied by a guardian.

Price:3,600 yen (+ tax)
General Sale Period:December 18 at 12pm to December 25, 2015 at 12pm
Tickets will be sold through EPlus (PC, mobile) and all Family Mart in-store terminals “FamiPort”.
• Tickets will be sold on first come first serve basis. Sale will be stopped once the planned number of tickets is sold.
• For more information on list of cinemas, and tickets visit the following link:
Closing night live viewing:

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