‘Views from the Top’ the ‘Haikyu!! Hyper Projection Play’ Info with Cast Comments

2016.04.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

'Haikyu!!' stage dress rehearsal photos and more specials on offer

Ⓒharuichi furudate / Shueisha hyper projection theater "Haikyū !!" Production Committee

     Today kicked off Haikyu!!’s Hyper Projection Play stage performance titled
Views from the Top, at Osaka theater Brava. And not only that, we also received some comments from the cast members and an exclusive inside look into the dress rehearsal which took place before the main performance. Let’s get the scoop.

     ● Photos from the rehearsal
     haikyu20160408_03_R haikyu20160408_04_R

     [Director and Performers’ comments]
     Worry Kinoshita
     Even though this a remake production, having reread the original work, it feels like we’ve made it into a completely new production. The new cast has a fresh take on embodying the characters, and the passion they bring in their performances has motivated me as well.

     I think this performance will be ‘stronger’ than the first one. It will be a pleasure to me if you enjoy the performance.

     Kenta Suga : role of Shoyo Hinata from Karasuno High School 
     Just like the time and effort that went into the very first production, I believe we have worked just as hard in this production as well.

     I believed that the audience will not be disappointed with this adaptation, and hope that we have brought it to a level that everyone can enjoy.

     There have been some changes made compared to the first production, and I hope to continue to challenge myself and improve in my acting skills. 

     Please come watch the performance!

     Tatsunari Kimura : role of Tobio Kageyama from Karasuno High School 
     Even though this is a remake production, I am excited to take on this challenge to make it an even better iteration.

     This remake is much more dramatic than the first one. And it’s written in such a way that the characters develop and are aware of how they are influenced by their surrounding situations. 

     I believe that is one thing the audience will definitely enjoy, and I hope to see everyone there!

     Kosuke Asuma : role of Toru Oikawa from Aoba Jousai High 
     I hope that my acting brings on a fresh approach to this performance. I want to portray Toru in such a way that everyone who watches the performance, will be captured by Toru’s character. 

     We have three new characters for the team for Aoba Jousai High and I think it’s a more dynamic team than before.

     Even though the team ends up getting defeated by the Kurasuno High School team, the passion coming from the Aoba team will definitely win the audience for sure.

     Aren Kohatsu : role of Hajime Iwaizumi from Aoba Jousai High 
     This will be my first performance in Haikyu!! Thank you to the whole team who encouraged me and supported me since my first day in this production.

     Aoba’s team is completely new, but I hope everyone will cheer us on and support us until the very end!

     Details :

     Hyper Projection PlayHaikyuu! Views from the Top’

     Osaka : April 8th – April 17th, 2016 at Theater BRAVA!
     Tokyo : April 25th – May 8th, 2016 at AiiA?2.5 Theater Tokyo 
     General ticket sale date : March 13th, 2016 from 10am
     Ticket price : 7,800yen (all seats are reservedtax included)

     For more information about the performance schedule & ticket information, go to the main homepage and find out more.


     Original works by: Haruichi Furudate ‘Haikyu!’(Shueisha in ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’series)
     Director : Worry Kinoshita
     Screenplay : Norihito Nakayashiki

     ■Karasuno High School  
     Shoyo Hinata : Kenta Suga 
     Tobio Kageyama : Tatsunari Kimura 
     Kei Tsukishima : Ryotaro Kosaka 
     Tadashi Yamaguchi : Kairi Miura 
     Ryunosuke Tanaka : Kouhei Shiota 
     Yu Nishinoya : Shohei Hashimoto 
     Chikara Ennoshita : Kazuma Kawahara 
     Daichi Sawamura : Kentaro Akisawa new cast member 
     Koshi Sugawara : Hiroki Ino
     Asahi Azumane : Justin Tomimori

     ■Aoba Jousai High 
     Toru Oikawa : Kosuke Asuma 
     Hajime Iwaizumi : Aren Kohatsu ※new cast member 
     Yutaro Kindaichi : Kota Sakamoto 
     Akira Kunimi : Shotarou Arisawa 
     Shigeru Yahaba : Kaito Yamagiwa ※new cast member 
     Shinji Watari : Kenshin Saito 
     Takahiro Hanamaki : Sonde Kanai 
     Issei Matsukawa : Judai Shirakashi ※new cast member 

     ■Karasuno High School OB
     Makoto Shimada : Kento Yamaguchi 
     Yusuke Takinoue : Shinosuke Sakaguchi 

     ■Karasuno High School Faculty advisorCoach 
     Ittetsu Takeda : Shigehiro Uchida
     Keishin Ukai : Tsuyoshi Hayashi

     Shoyo Hinata, is a young boy in junior high school, who suddenly gets passionate about volleyball. He is soon nicknamed the ‘King of the court’, and ends up having an important match, where he is defeated by Tobio Kageyama, a skilled competitor. 

     As Shoyo stands at the gate of Kurasuno High School, he vows to someday beat Tobio Kageyama. Will Shoyo be able to beat him? What will happen next…?

     The rules of the game are simple: keep the volleyball off the ground, don’t hold the ball, and strike it on the third volley.

     This is a story about friendship and how intense and dramatic a sport like volleyball can get.

     ■ The biggest nationwide theater showing in history! Live viewing available at 93 theaters across the country!

     Dates : May 8th, 2016 at 6pm.
     Venue : All the theaters throughout the country. * The release time will be different for each theater.
     Ticket price : 3,600 yen (tax included)
      * Depending on the theaters, if the special seats are available, the ticket rate will be different.
     * The tickets will be sold at Ticket Pia and each person may buy up to four tickets.

     General pre-bookings (through lottery) : April 9th, 2016 from 11am – April 12th 2016 until 10:59 am.
     General sale (first-come-first-served basis) : April 16th, 2016 from 10am – May 5th, 2016 until11:59pm.
     For theaters list and ticket information, visit URL given below.

     ■  Hyper Projection Play  ‘Haikyu! Views from the Top’ documentary is available for purchase.

     Included will be an extra 60-minute compiled video of ‘Haikyu-behind the scenes,’ and as an additional  bonus, the original performance of ‘Haikyu! Views from the Top’ will also be available.

     Release date : September 14th, 2016
     Price : 8,000yentax
     SalesSales agency : Toho
     Bonus details : Special bonus disc (2 discs). 1) the original performance & 2) the panoramic image of the remake.
     Limited edition bonus at the venue : Lottery application tickets for event participants.

        ■ Hyper Projection Play ‘Haikyu!! Views from the Top’ 
original soundtrack will be available at the theater!
     Includes a booklet with comments on all the compositions from musician Shunsuke Wada and
photographs of the first performance!
     Price : 2,700yentax included
     Length : about 70minutes (17 recorded songs)
     For more details, go to the official homepage at: http://engeki-haikyu.com/


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