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Get the detailed inside scoop about character backgrounds and the casting

(C)TRIGGER · Mari Okada / Kizunaiba Production Committee

     PASH! Magazine is republishing parts from its various interviews with Kiznaiver director Hiroshi Kobayashi, who was specially featured during the PASH! January
to March 2016 limited edition issues. Selections from interviews regarding the appearance of characters and casting are published below in this special article. All the fans will now get an exciting chance to get a closer look into their favorite character backgrounds, and find out more about their personality, plus exclusive details about the casting process.  Make sure to tune in for more along with the broadcast of the anime series.

     Katsuhira Agata (voiced by Yuki Kaji)

     Katsuhira is the main protagonist in the story, and though he has potential to be great, there’s just something about him that’s missing… Initially he wasn’t always apathetic or lethargic, but an accident changed everything and even affected his personality. Due to this accident, he begins to carry the conflicts on his own, and ends up keeping to himself. As Katsuhira is soft spoken and says very little, I wanted his tone of voice to be very quiet and low. Since the character is not very expressive with his emotions, we wanted a person who can capture those areas and dig into how Katsuhira might think. And that is the reason why we chose Yuki Kaji to be the voice of Katsuhira.

     Noriko Sonozaki (voiced by Hibiki Yamamura)

     Noriko is a beautiful girl, but lacks kindness, and is in a way similar to Katsuhira. She is someone who has continued to ignore her past issues, and is now filled with a mixture of emotions that she herself has no longer control over. She is a troublemaker, and there’s usually a huge gap in between what she says and what she actually does. I always imagined that if Katsuhira was going to be more of the quiet, soft spoken one, I wanted Noriko to be more talkative in contrast to Katsuhira’s quiet demure. For this character, we needed someone who wouldn’t be afraid to do that, and I think that Hibiki Yamamura was a perfect choice for the role.

     Hajime Tenga (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno)

     Hajime’s character can be crude and on the foolish side. Script writer Mari Okada shares how Hajime ‘plays a role of everyone’s mother.’ We can’t help but wonder how far he’ll be able to support everyone. We asked voice actor Tomoaki Maeno to share his thoughts in regards to his character. He explained that, ‘in this sort of work, you not only get to see the foolish side of the character, but also the fragile side to him as well.’

     Chidori Takashiro (voiced by Yuka Terasaki)
     Chidori is the girl every boy dreams about. Not only is she Katsuhira’s childhood friend, she’s always caring for him, cooking for him and even does his house work…… And to top it off, she also cares deeply for him. Chidori is basically the main heroine in this series. We needed someone who can balance the tone and the cheerful image of Chidori, and I think that Yuka Terasaki is perfect for this character.

     Niiyama (voiced by Misaki Kuno)

     If Tenga is the troublemaker out of the guys, Niko is the same for the girls’ side. Though she lacks common sense, she’s a very good girl. She’s probably the most strong-willed out of all the girl characters, and the most kind-hearted person. We imagined that she would have a gentle voice, and not be so straight forward in the way she talked. And so when we heard Misaki Kuno, we knew that she was Niko Niiyama.

     Honoka Maki (voiced by Rina Sato)

     Honoka always goes back and forth in what she thinks, and that’s probably one of the reasons why she took the longest for us to complete her character.  Out of the eight characters, she has the strongest personality, and how she handles herself is completely different from the other characters. One of the qualities we really looked for during casting, was how well the person could improvise their lines, especially when they had to act angry and out of control. I’m excited to see how the voice actress will change up her character’s attitude and how far she pushes herself.

     Tsuguhito Yuta (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)

     Though Yuta has his own distinct personality, and despite his appearance, he’s very different to how people might expect him to be. In fact, he became a character that I could relate to. He’s not just a cool guy, but I think that he’s also a good person in general. Considering the voice for the character,we didn’t want him just to sound polite and gentleman-like. We wanted him to have that sort of edge as well. Yuta has split personalities, so we really expect to see that contrast.

     Yoshiharu Hisomu (voiced by Kotaro Nishiyama)
     To be honest, there’s still a side of Yoshiharu Hisomu that I still am not quite sure about. There’s still so much mystery behind his character. Because I imagined Katsuhira having a quite low voice, I thought Yoshiharu would have a more light tone of voice. Since I am still not clear about the character, all I can say to Kotaro Nishiyama is ‘Best of luck’!

     – from PASH! January – March 2016 published issue/ written by : An Suzuki (Van fleet) –

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