Live Public Event Report of Web Program ‘Young Heart Jack’

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8 New Voice Actors has also been announced.

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     The Web program “Young Heart Jack” broadcasting on every other Tuesday featuring Umehara Yuichiro the protagonist of TV anime “Young Black Jack” as Kuro Hazama. Here is the introduction of live public event report of this program.

     The live event was held by Ikebukuro Niconico Honsya on November 1, 2015 (Sunday). On the day, same as in “Young Heart Jack”, Umehara Yuichiro wearing doctor coat and UMI☆KUUN (OP artist) in dress rehearsal of “Black Jack” was appeared as guest



     First of all; corner of “Mail Operation”. At this corner, audience received replies to their mails. Fans enjoyed the way both the guests dealing with the questions, such as, “What surprised the most the two of you, who are originated from Nagoya and Ehime, in Tokyo?” Or, do you have to adopt the dialect!” “Is there mimicry of any animal? Please tell”

     Now towards Special Live corner, where audience got to know the behind the scene stories of OP theme “I am Just Feeling Alive” by UMI☆KUUN. There was full of excitement with loud music and performances.

     And now to “Clinical Training” corner. A corner, to test your abilities same as in “Black Jack” and face the challenges. The challenge for the day was piling of toilet paper rolls. Big Hito from “I am Just Feeling Alive” started the challenge with the help of UMI☆KUUN and finished up piling 28 toilet paper rolls.


     Both of them somehow succeeded piling the rolls with each other’s help (?)

     At “Heart Jack Voice” corner, where you can get change to hear actual medical terminology by Umehara, who is so good at it. Finally, at the announcement corner.

     Here, the guest character and guest voice actor of “Muzancyo” from the unreleased 9th episode has been announced. A notice which appeared at the end of title background, Miyano Mamoru will be Hyakki Maruo- the character which becomes axle of the “Muzancyo”. Other than this, 8 new characters-Hikaru Midorikawa as Takara, Daisuke Hirakawa as Sabame, Majima Junji as Tano, Eriko Matsui as Mio, Yo Taichi as Roro, Kosei Tomita as Ban Shunsaku and Takehito Koyasu as kagemitsu Daigo- has also been announced.

     In addition, news – ‘TV anime “Young Black Jack” Blu-ray & DVD launching event ~Today is Special Day~’ will be held on April 17 2016 (Sunday) at Laforet Museum Roppongi- has also been announced. At the end, UMI☆KUUN and Umehara showed their gratitude towards fans and audience presented at the venue and hectic day ended.

     Young Black Jack

     On air every Thursday midnight at 2:16 on TBS
     On air every Thursday midnight at 3:30 on CBC
     On air every Friday night at 11:30 on Sun TV
     On air every Saturday midnight at 1:30 on BS-TBS
     On air every Sunday midnight at 1:30 on TBS Channel 1

     Original work = Osamu Tezuka
     Story = Yoshiaki Tabata
     Illustration = Yugo Okuma
     Medical Supervision = Nobumasa Goto (Akita Shoten “Young Champions”serial)
     Director = Mitsuko Kase
     Series organization and supervisor = Ryosuke Takahashi
     Character design/ Chief animation director = Katayama Miyuki・Miura Nana
     Art design = Minoru Nishida/Masato Shibata
     Color design = Megumi Arai
     Director of Photography = Kazumasa Someya
     Editing =Tamami Watabe
     Sound Director = Toshiki Kameyama
     Sound production =Groove
     Music = Ikeda Daisuke/ Furui Hirohi/ Kensuke Akiyama
     Sound production = Being Inc.
     Animation production = Tezuka Production

     Kuro Hazama = Umehara Yuichiro
     Yabu = Koji Yusa
     Okamoto Maiko = Shizuka Ito
     Narration = Akio Otsuka

     ■Guest Characters and List of Cast:
     ・Hyakki Maruo CV: Mamoru Miyano
     Expected great things in future, a surgeon with the positive approach towards life in spite of losing his limbs in an accident.
     ☆Hyakki Maruo from “Dororo”

     ・Takara CV: Hikaru Midorikawa
     Surgeon at Teito University Hospital. Friend of Hyakki from their medical years.
     ☆Takaramaru from “Dororo”

     ・Sabame CV: Daisuke Hirakawa
     Professor at Teito University Hospital. He belongs to 大剛派閥多野 (Please confirm the term) of Teito University Hospital along with Tano and Takara.
     ☆ Sabame from “Dororo”

     ・Tano CV: Majima Junji
     Professor at Teito University Hospital
     ☆Tanosuke from “Dororo”

     ・Mio CV: Eriko Matsui
     Hyakki’s fiance
     ☆Nomio from “Dororo”

     ・Roro CV:Yo Taichi
     A boy created by Hyakki while researching on artificial arm.
     ☆Dororo from “Dororo”

     ・Ban Shunsaku
     CV: Kosei Tomita
     Detective from criminal investigation department
     ☆Representative character of Tezuka work. Well known as Higeoyaji.

     ・Kagemitsu Daigo
     CV: Takehito Koyasu
     Father in-law of Takara, Director of Teito University Hospital☆Kagemitsu Daigo from “Dororo”

     * Enlisted the guest characters and cast of each round.
     * ☆ mark describes work of the characters of Tezuka Osamu. The characters in “Young Black Jack” are inspired by the work of Tezuka Osamu, expression method called as star system is adopted for the characters who plays different role.

     ■ Event Details of Blu-ray & DVD Launch

     Title: TV anime “Young Black Jack” Blu-ray & DVD launch event
     Today is a special Day
     Date: April 17th 2016 (Sunday) Door opens at 4pm and Curtain raise at 5pm
     Venue: Laforet Museum Roppongi
     * Seats for front/ standing at back
     Ticket cost: 6,000 Yen plus Tax

     Performances by:
     ☆ Cast: Umehara Yuichiro (as Kuro Hazama), Koji Yusa (as Yabu), Shizuka Ito (as Okamoto Maiko), Junichi Suwabe (as Doctor), Miyano Mamoru (as Maruo Hyakki)
     ☆Artist: UMI☆KUUN, Takuto


     How to purchase tickets:
     Plan to enclose some tickets as pre-emption with the Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2, Vol.3 of TV anime “Young Black Jack”. Details will be informed on HP later.


      Official site HP:
      Twitter: @anime_ybj

     ■WEB Video Program “Young Heart Jack”
     Personality: Umehara Yuichiro
     Scheduled to be broadcasted on youtube every week on Tuesday night at 10am

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