Mob Psycho 100 : Episode 1 and 2 World Premiere at Anime Expo 2016

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Crowd Thought It Was So Cool Minami Could Bend Spoons

©ONE・Shogakukan/「Mob Psycho100」Production Committee

     The famed US anime convention; Anime Expo began it’s 2016 edition on July 1 with over 100,000 fans in attendance. On the Expo’s third day (July 3rd), the first two episodes of new TV anime Mob Psycho 100 were shown. The 2nd episode of the anime, which is based on a manga by One Punch Man author One, was shown as a world premiere event before it’s airing in Japan. It was screened at the JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom and Producer Masahiko Minami from production studio Bones was in attendance as well.

     Thanks to the headline show, there was a cheering, over-capacity crowd of 1,500 eager fans at the premiere in the room which normally holds 800.

     mob20160705_01mob20160705_02 mob20160705_03

     After Mr. Minami made his greetings on stage, he showed off his special psychic spoon bending powers as seen in the anime. The audience got a huge laugh out of his saying “watch the show and you’ll be able to bend spoons too!” After that, they went right into the episode screening.

     mob20160705_04 mob20160705_05 mob20160705_06                 mob20160705_07

     Appearances of protagonist Mob were met with cheers from highly anticipating fans. More cheers and laughs were heard as the first episode’s story unfolded. After the episode ended, the entire crowd gave a standing ovation.

     mob20160705_08 mob20160705_09 mob20160705_10

     The announcer had only mentioned episode 1 would be screened before the screening, so it was a huge surprise to everyone when he said “Mr. Minami says that he’s tired from being up on stage since morning and doesn’t feel like saying much else, so where gonna go ahead and show Episode 2 as a treat.” This was met with roaring cheers and foot stomps from the crowd.

     With the second premiere, the audience reacted with even more joy and laughs than the opening episode. Producer Minami just smiled and watched as he took in the favorable reaction.

     After Episode 2, a Q and A session with the producer was held. Questions included “What did original manga artist ONE think of the anime” and “How did they decide on the theme song?” along with asking how Bones became in charge of production. There were also questions about the anime’s story itself along with how many episodes it might be. Attention had built quite a bit for the show, based on the questions asked. While saying he couldn’t go into detail, Minami remarked with an ambitious smile, “As long as the fans support us, we can make as many eps as we’d like”. Minami thought the mix between Psychic power and a sweet and charming High School life was appealing from the start when he first picked up the manga. He recalled, “I remember being all surprised and thinking, Bones was gonna be the production studio? But I was really looking forward to working on the show and I hope everyone looks forward to the official broadcast. After those final words, the curtain fell on Mob Psycho’s World Premiere.

     mob20160705_11 mob20160705_12 mob20160705_13

     The Mob Psycho 100 Screening Event ended to great fanfare and the show is finally to set make its Japanese TV debut July 11 on Tokyo MX and other stations.

     Details :

     Mob Psycho 100

On Air :
     Tokyo MX :  July 11th, 2016  12 am
     Yomiuri TV :  July 11th, 2016 2:29 am
     BS Fuji :  July 12th, 2016  12:30 am
     TV asahi ch1 :  July 20th, 2016 12:30 am

     Website :
     Twitter :@mobpsycho_anime

     Staff :
     Original Creator : One(Seriealized in Shogakukan‘s’Manga One’)
     Director : Yuzuru Tachikawa
     Series Composition : Hiroshi Seko
     Character Design : Yoshimichi Kameda
     Art Director : Ryou Kouno
     Color Design : Shihoko Nakayama
     Director of Photography : Mayuko Furumoto
     Sound Director : Kazuhiro Wakabayashi 
     Music : Kenji Kawai
     Animation Production : Bones

     Cast :
     Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) : Setsuo Ito
     AratakaReigen : Takahiro Sakurai
     Ekubo(Dimple) : Akio Ootsuka
     Ritsu Kageyama : Miyu Irino
     Teruki Hanazawa : Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
     Tenga Onigawara : Yoshimasa Hosoya
     Ichi Mezato : Ayumi Fujimura
     Tome Kurata : Atsumi Tanezaki
     Tusbomi : Uki Satake                 et al

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