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ⒸWatanabe Wataru (Weekly Shonen Champion) 2008/Yowamushi Pedal GR Production Commit-tee 2014 ⒸWatanabe Kou (Weekly Shonen Champion) / MARVELOUS, TOHO, SEGA LIVE CREA-TION

     The eighth production of the popular stage play
Yowamushi Pedal, based on the comic by Wataru Watanabe, has opened in Tokyo on March 4, 2016. The production is titled, Yowamushi Pedal : Sohoku Shinsedai, Shidou (Sohoku new generation, Start).

     The play moves to Fukuoka from March 10, followed by Osaka and then Kanagawa. Prior to the first performance in Tokyo, a general press conference was held on March 3. More about the conference can be read here!→ [Stage shot of the press conference]

     The play is set in spring of the year following Sohoku High’s win at the inter-high school cycling competition.

play’s protagonist, Sakamichi Onoda (played by Yuuki Ogoe) is a student entering his second year at the school.

     After the third year students, Kinjou, Makishima, and Tadokoro graduate, Sohoku High gets a new captain, Teshima Junta (Kujirai Kousuke) and vice-captain Aoyagi Hajime (Yashima Ryou) and so a new era begins. The team aim is obviously to win the inter-high school championship again, but there’s anxiety as the absence of the graduates is strongly felt…


     Sohoku first year students are Kaburagi Issa (Shiina Taizou), Danchiku Ryuuhou (Ueda Shinichirou), and Sugimoto Terufumi’s (Yamamoto Ikkei) brother Sugimoto Sadatoki (Nakamura Tarou). One by one the become members of the club. Who will be the 6th member for the inter-high competition?  

     Over at Hakone Academy
and Kyoto Fushimi High School, new systems are set in motion with the aim of capturing the title.

     When the curtain rises, Sakamichi appears dressed in a uniform on a granny style bicycle. Soon two new cast members – first year students Kaburagi Issa and his childhood friend Danchiku Ryuuhou – make an appearance. How will Sakamichi, now a senior, interact with them?

     Izumida Touichirou (Kawaharada Takuya) who retired from third year becomes the new captain of Hakone
Academy, the champion of the inter-high school competition until last year. Ashikiba Takuto (Higashi Keisuke), Doubashi Masakiyo (Kanesaki Kentarou) and Manami Sangaku (Ueda Keisuke) who defeated Sakamichi by a narrow margin last year, will be appearing from here onward.  This summer the teams will face the championship challenge with a spirit of “All members are Aces!”


     Ashikiba Takuto of Hakone was the team mate of Teshima Junta of Sohoku in junior high. In the play, we see the race to climb Minekeyama Hill. There is metronome like dancing to the music, which leverages Akira’s height while the whole movement is an amazing performance piece that has to be seen.

     In the play there’s a twist behind every character. Naruko Shoukichi (Torigoe Yuuki) heads towards Osaka where he’s from, as a result of something Imaizumi says. What will be the result of the contest with Midousuji Akira (Murata Mitsu) of the Tokyo Fushimi High School on the familiar Osaka race track? What will be the outcome of the sprint contest in which Naruko is a strong contender, and what about Naruko’s decision?


     It’s spring when the club gets new members and all the first year students participate in a welcome race as is custom. In this race Teshima makes a promise with Kaburagi, Danchiku and second year student Sugimoto. We can truly see the characters themselves through Yamamoto’s portrayal of Sugimoto – sincere and direct – and in the way Shiina carries himself as Kaburagi. What is Sugimoto’s aim in taking part in the welcome race, which is usually only for first year students? Who wins?


     You’ll get to hear the familiar “Koi no himehime pettanko” song and other new compositions by manzo. Let’s find out how they work with live action.


     General ticket sales will be offered at Lawson ticket ( Also, live viewing will take place on March 27 nationwide. Advance bookings will be taken until midnight on March 9. So if you’re excited to watch the bikes cutting the wind, grab yours now.

     Details :

     Yowamushi Pedal : ~Sohoku Shinsedai, Shidou~

     Show Information :     
     Fukuoka/Harmonie Cinq Kita-Kyushu Soleil-Hall    March 10 (Thu) – March 13 (Sun)      
     Osaka/ORIX Theatre     March 17(Thu) – March 21(Mon)
     Kanagawa/Kanagawa Prefecture Civil Hall March 25(Fri) – March 27 (Sun) 

     Web :
     Blog :
     Twitter : @y_pedalstage

     Staff :     
     Original Work: Wataru Watanabe (Weekly Shonen Champion series)
     Director, Screenplay: Shatner Nishida

     Cast :     
     Sakamichi Onoda : Yuuki Ogoe
     Shunsuke Imaizumi : Motohiro Ota
     Shoukichi Naruko :  Yuki Torigoe
     Sangaku Manami :  Keisuke Ueda
     Touichirou Izumida :  Takuya Kawaharada
     Takuto Ashikiba :  Keisuke Higashi
     Nobuyuki Mizuta :  Kento Masui
     Akira Midousuji :  Mitsu Murata
      …and others

     Blu-ray & DVD Release

     Release Date : July 13, 2016
     Prices :
     Blu-ray 9,800 yen + tax
     DVD 8,800 yen + tax

     Specifications :  2 Discs (Disc 1 – main disc/ Disc 2 bonus disc)
     Publisher :  Marvelous Entertainment
     Publisher :  Toho
     Special content :
     (Bonus disc) 1. Backstage footage (rehearsals, behind-the-scenes)
     2. final day curtain call, etc.
     An exclusive booklet is also included.

     Final day performances live viewing at national & international cinemas!

     Dates : March 27, 2016 (Sun) from 5 pm
     Ticket price: 3,600 yen (tax included)
     Ticket handling: Ticket Pia
     Pre-reservations: March 4 (Fri) 11 am – March 9 (Wed) 11:59 pm
     General availability: March 20 (Sun) 10 am – March 24 (Thu) 11:59 pm

     Tickets still available after March 26 will be sold at theaters.
     Participating theaters: Japanese theaters and theaters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea.
     For full details, please refer to the official website.

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