2nd Annual ‘AniRadi Awards’ announces all winners in 8 categories

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This year will be in 2 groups: 'Up-And-Coming Winner' and 'Universal Winner' for each category

The winners of the 2nd Aniradi Awards

     AniRadi (Anime Radio) Awards for 2015 have been announced. Let’s have fun looking back on the various radio shows and anime series that captivated us 2015! Come and see which voice actors from radio programs were chosen by the general public and executive committee as winners for the 2nd annual AniRadi Awards.

     The winners for the 8 categories in the 2nd AniRadi Awards have been chosen! The categories this year are: A Good Laugh Radio Award, Good to Know Radio Award, Sexy Radio Award, Good for the Heart Radio Award, Planning Radio Award, Best Voice Actor Radio Award, and Best Voice Actress Radio Award.

     The event was held on March 27th, 2016 at AnimeJapan 2016’s open stage where each of the winners were announced. Aside from the “Best Radio Award”, this year’s AniRadi Awards had two groups: the Up-And-Coming (New Title Only) Winner  and the Universal (All Entrants) Winner. See if your favorite show won in any of the listed categories below! The grand award was chosen out of the 7 categories.

— Up-And-Coming (New Title Only): refers to Anime, Voice Actors and Radio programs related to New Anime released in 2015. —

     ●Can’t Stop Laughing – Radio Award :  Given to a radio program that always keeps you laughing.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     Tv anime series “Osomatsu-san” Web radio Wave Osomatsu Station
     URL :  http://www.animate.tv/radio/osomatsusan

     Universal Winner:
     Etotama radio~ Soruraru kurenya!~  (えとたまらじお~ソルラルくれにゃ!~)
     URL :   www.onsen.ag/program/soruraru/

     ●Good to Know – Radio Award :  Given to a radio program that is always teaching you something new.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     Masumi Asano x Shinya Yamada Weekly Money Land
     URL :  http://www.joqr.co.jp/money/

     Universal Winner:
     “You’re Being Summoned, Azazeru-san” & “You’re Being Summoned, Azazei-san. Z
     URL :  http://www.animate.tv/radio/details.php?id=Grimoire

     ●Seductiveness – Radio Award: The radio program that leaves you always wanting more on the erotic side.

     Up-And-Coming Winner
     A Boring Radio Program Where the Concept of (Shimoneta) Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist  (下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈なラジオ)
     URL :  www.animate.tv/radio/details.php?id=shimoseka-r

     Universal Winner:
     I felt like fixing my makeup at midnight  (夜中メイクが気になったから)
     URL :  hibiki-radio.jp/description/midnightmake

     ●Good for the Heart Radio Award: The radio program that encourages and comforts your heart.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     “Nonnon biyori web radio Nonnon dayori”  (のんのんびよりうぇぶらじおのんのんだより)
     URL :  www.onsen.ag/program/nono

     Universal Winner:
     Seven Deadly Sins Radio <a pig’s hat> Pork Talk (ラジオ七つの大罪 <豚の帽子>亭ホークトーク)
     URL :  www.7-taizai.net/radio.html

     ●Planning Radio Award: The radio program that creates something fun with the listener.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     URL :  www.unison-radio.com/

     Universal Winner:
     Yuri Yurararara Yuru Yuri Broadcasting Room (ゆりゆららららゆるゆり放送室)
     URL :  hibiki-radio.jp/description/yuruyuri

     ●Best Voice Actor (Male) Radio Award: The radio program that is fun because of the voice actor.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     One punch man justice enforced! Serious Radio! ( ワンパンマン 正義執行!マジラジオ!)
     URL :  http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/onepunchman/detail

     Universal Winner:
     Hiroshi Kamiya・Daisuke Ono’s Dear Girl~Stories~
     URL :  http://pc.animelo.jp/special/deargirl-stories/

     ●Best Voice Actress Radio Award: The radio program that is fun because of the voice actress.

     Up-And-Coming Winner:
     Shizuka Ishigami and Nao Higashiyama Epic RADIO
     URL :  www.onsen.ag/program/rakudai/

     Universal Winner:
     Suzakinishi (洲崎西)
     URL :  http://seaside-c.jp/program/suzakinishi/

     ●Best Voice Actor Radio Award: The radio program with the most people tuning in for comfort and teaches new things.

     Hiroshi Kamiya・Daisuke Ono’s Dear Girl~Stories
     URL :  http://pc.animelo.jp/special/deargirl-stories/

     This year, “Hiroshi Kamiya・Daisuke Ono’s Dear Girl~Stories” won in both categories for “Best Radio Award” and “Best Voice Actor Radio Award”.

     In charge of many programs, broadcast writer Masaru Suwa, was also in charge of “Unison!” the winner for the “Planning Radio Award.” Representing both programs, it was an exciting day for Suwa as he went to accept all three trophies on stage.  


     2nd AniRadi Awards Ceremony

     Held on :   March 27th, 2016 (Sun) from 1:05pm~2:05pm
     Venue :   ANIMEJAPAN 2016 (Open stage)
     Speakers :   Chiaki Matsuzawa, and winners
     URL :  aniradiaward.com/

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