CustomiZ 2nd Anniversary Live Report

2015.11.02 <PASH! PLUS+>

Coupling track of 'K' ED track 'Kai' was first unveiled and released.

From left, HIROKI(Ba.), GORO(Vo.&Gt.), DAICHI (Dr.)

     On February 4th, 2015, the foursome boys’ Rock band debut track “Ray of Light” was released by king records. This track has been gaining popularity since then. On October 31st, a live show “CustomiZ 2nd Anniversary One man live show~at an affordable price” was organized at Yamano Hall, Yoyogi, Tokyo.

     One of the members, Hama could not perform because he suffered from pneumothorax and was under medical care. Goro said that even if one of them was not present, he was there, Daichi, and Hiroki were also there. We want to be in your memories till rest of your lives. So, we all are charged up.

     In front of a crowd as huge as 800 crazy fans, Goro said, “Finally, the 2nd anniversary live is here. Are you all charged up for this? Are you enjoying it tonight~! Its 31st October, Halloween today. You all have cosplayed today, which I could see while I was singing.We have motifs of Gods on our dress”, Daichi said, “19 years old, and I am on Drums”, Hiroki said, “I am on base guitar in CustomiZ”. This was how they introduced themselves.

     Then, Hama spoke with the audience through a video recording, “Thanks for coming to the 2nd anniversary One-man live show. Today, I am sorry that I could not perform in front of you, thereby causing the Team Z and all the fans to worry. I will surely return back to perform before you all when I am fit, Wait for me.”

     After the opening, there was a huge cheering by the fans. Amidst the cheering, total 13 songs with the remake of the song “Hare Hare Yukai” (TV anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” ED theme) to start with, Major 2nd Single “Requiem-requiem” coupling song “Sound of the sea”, Shonen Hollywood-HOLLY STAGE FOR 49- Episode 4 ED music “Life and death”, Major 3rd Single “Kai” (TV anime “K RETURN OF KINGS” (ending theme song), Major 1st Single “Ray of light (Light)” (Anime “Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine” ending theme song of pre-screening version), and on demand, “CustomiZ theme” song were performed.

     Also, 2 tracks were announced for the title of coupling song recorded in Major 3rd Single (Kai) released on November 18, was decided as “Bam Venus” and “Music of Bonds (sound)”. One of the songs, “Bam Venus”, was released for the first time.

     In addition, members had collected 9 topics from past two years, and fans were supposed to guess top 3 through a Bing game “Member Topic 9”, and the fun increased with every increasing audience.
































     CustomiZ  2nd anniversary one man live ~ Do whatever you feel like~
     Venue: Yamano Hall
     Set list:
     M1. Hare Hare Yukai” (TV anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” Ending theme cover)
     M2. READY !! (TV animation “Idol Master” opening theme cover)
     M3. Bakuchi Dancer (Theater version, Gintama, a new retelling benizakura arc” main theme song cover).
     M4. GO!! (TV anime, “NARUTO – Naruto” 4th opening theme cover
     – MC-
     M5. Princess Mononoke (animated film “Princess Mononoke”, theme song cover
     – MC-
     M6. Ban Venus (CustomiZ original soundtrack/ major 3rd single “Kai” recording) ※ First release
     M7. Shiosai (CustomiZ original soundtrack/ major 2nd single “Requiem – Requiem -” recording)
     – MC-
     M8. Life and death (CustomiZ original soundtrack/ TV Anime “Shonen Hollywood-HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-“ Episode 4, ending theme music “Life and death”,/recorded Single “Life and death”, which is to be released)
     M9. Kai (CustomiZ original music / TV Anime “K RETURN OF KINGS” ending theme song / major 3rd single “Kai” recording)
     M10. “Ray of light” (CustomiZ original music / TV Anime “Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine” ending theme song of pre-screening version)/major 1st single “Ray of light” recording)

     M11. CustomiZ themes
     (CustomiZ original soundtrack/Major 2nd single Requiem – Requiem -” recording)
     M12 Utaitai Uta (CustomiZ original soundtrack/TV anime “Shonen Hollywood-HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-” Episode 9 ending music/ Major Single to be debuted “Life and death” recorded)
     M13 Never Give Up! (CustomiZ original soundtrack/Major 1st single “Ray of Light” recorded)

     ■ Major 3rd single “Kai” coupling track decided!

     M2. Ban Venus
     Music and Lyrics by Kinoshita Yoshiyuki / Music arranged by Junichi Hoshino

     M3. Music of Bonds (sound)
     Lyrics: HAMA, Kitani Masashi, KY / Music: HAMA / Music Arrangement: Yamashita Yousuke

     ※Regular edition is recorded for M3.

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