Video Game Possession Magenta Character CD Vol.1; Kanade &Souta CD Illustration Coming Soon

2015.12.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

Plus Limited Edition Cute Character Items


     From Otome games Possession Magenta (“Poze maze”), is the announcement of the Character –CD Vol. 1 Kanade and Sota to be sold from February 10th, 2016. The CD cover illustration details are also out.

     The CD cover is illustrated by Yomi Sarachi! It is designed like the stylish “Poze maze”. In Vol.1, Kanade Otonari (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) and Souta Shizuma (CV: Souma Saitou) recorded the character songs and mini drama series. The mini drama that is drawn up as the post ending after story is for enjoying the sweet situation of the lovers! Furthermore, The Kanade and Souta challenge escape game, is an original story that is an unfolding of both of their futures.

     Furthermore, the design of the Animate limited edition “Acrylic key holder of the chibi illustrated design” has also been made public. The characters presenting a heart to the heroine is also cute. These are special items that are of limited edition and thus we urge you not to lose this opportunity!



POSSESSION MAGENTA Character CD Vol.1 Kanade&Souta

On Sale:Feburary 10, 2016

    Regular Edition 2,800 yen (+ tax)
    Animate Limited Edition 3,500 (+ tax)

  Special Originally Designed Chibi Character Illustration Patterned Acrylic Key Holder, 2 in 1 set

Sold By:Quality Contents
Released By:Frontier Works


 Kanade Otonari=Tomoaki Maeno
   Souta Shizuma=Soma Saitou

Recorded contents:

  01=Solo character song “(Track title undecided)” Vo. Kanade Otonari
  02=After story mini drama “1st step towards one’s lover”: Kanade Otonari
  03=Game ending song “Purely Sunshine(Kanade solo ver.)” Vo. Kanade Otonari
  04=Solo character song “(Track title undecided)” Vo. Souta Shizuma
  05=After story mini drama “Souta’s resolution” Performance: Souta Shizuma
  06=Game ending song “Purely Sunshine(Souta solo ver.)” Vo. Sota Shizuma
  07=Original mini drama “The Kanade and Souta challenge escape game”
            Performance: Kanade Otonari, Souta  Shizumu
  08=Kanade solo character song instrumental
  09=Souta solo character song instrumental


Genre:An Adventure Game of Mysterious Intense Romance


   Orignal Drawings and Character Design=Yomi Sarachi
   Scenario=Risu Usagi
   Original Project Plan=Yomi Sarachi、HuneX
   Creator and Developer=HuneX
   Planning, Production and Distribution=COMFORT


   Kanade Otonari=Tomoaki Maeno
   Sota Shizuma=Soma Saitou
   Kosuke Toyama=Toshiki Masuda
   Taiga Aoba=Kaito Ishikawa
   Minje Sou=Yuuki Ono
   Yuichiro Momoi=Nobihiko Okamoto


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