Anime ‘Hetalia : The World Twinkle’ Coming Out With A Compilation Album ‘Hetalian☆Best’ Along With A Karaoke Version

2016.06.15 <PASH! PLUS+>

Will include all the theme songs representing each character plus a number of new songs

©2015 Hidekazu Himaruya・Gentosha Comics/Hetalia Production Committee

     The TV anime series, Hetalia : The World Twinkle (aka Hetalia: Axis Powers) is about
to get even cooler, now that there are plans to release a complete album CD called HetalianBest.

The release date will be September 28th, 2016, but it will be pre-released in all the Comic Market events that will be held during mid-August, 2016.

‘HetalianBest’ will consist of all the theme songs from the animation series such as ‘HetalianJet’ and ‘MicronationsJet’ will be available. Also a CD having the vocals of theme songs sung by each character will also be available in a limited edition version (This CD is not for sale).

And the new Prussia version song, ‘PrussiaJet’ is also getting recorded for this CD. Plus, two discs having the karaoke version of all the songs are also available with the set. Now fans can get together and have the ultimate ‘Hetalia: The World Twinkle’ themed karaoke party. It’ll be one heck of a party you won’t want to miss


Anime series ’Hetalia: The World Twinkle’ HetalianBest CD

Pre-release date : mid-August 2016 at all Comic Market events
Release date : September 28, 2016 (Wednesday)
Price : 2,300 yen + tax
Sales agency : Frontier
Selling agency : Kadokawa Media Factory
Specification : 2 sets of CDs
Animate’s original offer : Can Badge- 1 type (Prussia’s Summer festival pattern)

Compiled songs :  

01. ‘HetalianJet/Song ItalyDaisuke Namikawa  
02. ‘RomanoJet/Song RomanoDaisuke Namikawa  
03. ‘GermanJet/Song GermanyHiroki Yasumoto  
04. ‘JapaneseJet/Song JapanHiroki Takahashi  
05. ‘BritishJet/Song EnglandNoriaki Sugiyama  
06. ‘FrenchJet/Song FranceMasaya Onosaka  
07. ‘AmericanJet/Song AmericaKatsuyuki Konishi  
08. ‘RussianJet/Song RussiaYasuhiro Takato  
09. ‘ChineseJet/SongChinaYuki Kaida
10. ‘MicronationsJet/Song SealandAi Orikasa)/ ThaiMikako Komatsu/SeborgaHiroshi Okamoto
11. ‘PrussianJet/Song PrussiaAtsushi Kousaka

     DISC1: Karaoke versions of compiled songs

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