‘Ikenie Gatari – The Song of Sacrifice’ situation CD Vol.1 is out with Vol. 2 coming soon

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kisho Taniyama, Tetsuya Kakihara, Tomoaki Maeno, and Kentarou Ito will all take part as the voice of gods

©2016 5pb.

      Love&Art, a brand geared towards young women from Mages brand, is releasing a new situation CD series called, Ikenie Gatari – The Song of Sacrifice Vol. 1. It will be coming out on June 22nd, 2016, and Vol. 2 will be released on July 27th, 2016. Get ready for an exciting two months, where you can add some cool new tunes to your playlist.

     The theme for this situation CD is inspired by ancient Japan and based on different types of gods. These gods serve Amaterasu the sun goddess, who watches over the gods and makes sure they follow their duties by sending you, the young maidens of the shrine to stand guard. The story unfolds with the various gods choosing you to be their sacrifice. Madness ensues as you are chased after by the gods. Listen to the music to find out your fate against the gods.

     Keep reading to find out more details about each of the gods.

     ●The land god of Sadoshijima – Danzaburo (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga)
     God of the foxes. He is the head of all the foxes in Japan and has sadistic tendencies. For reasons unknown to us, a past experience leaves him not being able to completely trust Amaterasu. He has the power to manipulate and control fire.


     ●The land god of Tono – Mako (voiced by Kisho Taniyama)
     He is the god of Kappa, and holds the trust of all the people and is a role-model of how a god should be. On the surface, he comes across very polite and friendly. He is able to control water however he pleases.


     ●The land god of Musashi – Kei (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara)
     He is the god of the wolves of Japan. He is considered one of the oldest among the gods, and holds great, unimaginable divine power. He’s opinionated and has no time to listen to the thoughts of others. He controls all plants, and can manipulate them however he likes.


     ●The land god of Sagami – Uru (voiced by Tomoaki Maeno)
     Known as the nine-headed dragon god, he is considered an evil god, bringing affliction and torment on the people. Each head has the power of one sense or consciousness, and he is able to control that part of a human being. He carries the ability and strength to manipulate thunder.


     ●Amaterasu Oomikami (voiced by Kentarou Ito)
     The sun goddess, she is unable to leave Ise, and therefore maintains control by sending out various shrine maidens throughout the land. Always concerned about the young shrine maidens, she often gives out part of her spirit whenever she can to make sure they are alright. Only the young maidens are able to see the sun goddess’ spirit.

     The CD cover is drawn up by illustrator Tenu Izumi, and the cool thing about the illustration is that it’s reversible. One special fact about the recording is that one part of the lines are recorded using a dummy head mic.

     Once you listen to the CD, you’re definitely want to keep listening to it. It’s the perfect blend of enjoying the natural beauty of the gods, and a explosion of mad chaos. Interested in checking it out? Then make sure to grab your copy of Ikenie Gatari – The Song of Sacrifice Vol. 1.


     Ikenie Gatari – The Song of Sacrifice 

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     Publisher :  5pb.
     Distributor :  KADOKAWA Media Factory

     ■CD Vol. 1 The Song of Sacrifice
     sccd_20160414_001 sccd_20160414_000
     Day of release :  June 22nd, 2016
     Price :  2,300yen + tax

     Cast :
     The fox of Danzaburo :  Toshiyuki Toyonaga
     The kappa of Mako :  Kisho Taniyama
     Amaterasu (leading man) :  Kentarou Ito
     Details : Reversible Illustration jacket drawn by Tenu Izumi

     ■CD Vol. 2 The Song of Sacrifice II

     sccd_20160414_003 sccd_20160414_002

     Date of release : July 27th, 2016
     Price : 2,300yen + tax
     Cast :
     The wolf of fireflies :  Tetsuya Kakihara
     The nine-headed dragon :  Tomoaki Maeno
     Amaterasu (leading man) :  Kentarou Ito
     Details : Reversible Illustration jacket drawn by Tenu Izumi

     ■Animate original whole series purchase bonus
     Cast comments from the five performers & a mini drama “Unhappy Ame~ Crazy Days Spent With You” (天照の憂い~お前と過ごした伊勢での日々) (Performance by: Kentarou Ito)


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