‘K Return Of Kings’ Themed Stylish Watches and Bags

2016.01.05 <PASH! PLUS+>

Both Scepter 4 and Homra model lineups


      Introducing stylish wristwatches and bags printed with the images of Scepter 4 and Homra respectively from 
the anime K Return Of Kings!

Plus as a special addition you also get a Fushimi Saruhi Bromide with the purchase of Scepter 4 model, and a Yatamisaki Bromide with the purchase of the Homra model and feel stylish every day with items that match your favorite anime characters!  Collect the 2 special bromides to create a pattern where Fushimi and Yata have their eyes fixed on each other as they cross! Make sure to get both bromides!


 K Return of Kings Themed Watches and Bags

Size: All Free-size

■ K Return of Kings <<Scepter 4>>model wristwatch

     Watches based on the attractive Lustrous blue motif of Scepter 4 from K Return Of Kings.

     The belt and the dial of this watch are Blue, the main color of Scepter 4, and gold colored highlights have been added to the watch. The watch comes in a solid black case which enhances its luxury effect one rank up.The alphabet K on the dial matches the Homra model wrist watch to create the “K RETURN OF THE KING” logo and hence you can buy both the watches as a pair! A nonchalant Scepter 4 mark is also designed on the watch.

Price: 14,800 yen (+tax)

  K Return of Kings <<Homra>> model wristwatch


     Watches based on the Flaming deep crimson colored motif of Homra. The dial is designed with the Homra mark and the leather belt comes in red which is the main color of Homra. Polished small stones have been arranged in a line around the case which looks like a stylish stitched ornament on your wrist. This look enables you to use the watch at the office as well as on off-days! The watch comes in a luxurious black case with a bright red interior design!

Price: 12,800 yen (+tax)


 K Return of Kings <<Scepter 4>> model bag 


 Scepter 4 model bags. The bag has a subdued coloring based on the blue and purple troop uniform, and has a firm shape with an air of elegance. 

 The flap has a pin insertion mechanism which makes you feel as if you are drawing out a sword. The Scepter 4 emblem is printed on the inner pocket and the parts of the bag which cannot be seen from the outside are full of the Scepter 4 motifs.  

 Attaching the shoulder strap provided with the bag enables you to use it as a shoulder bag too. 

Price: 9,800 yen (+tax)

 K Return of Kings <<Homra>> model bag 

 20151209_SG-296-250x37520151209_SG-294-250x37520151209_SG-297-250x37520151209_SG-293-250x375 20151209_SG-299-250x375

     This is a backpack with the Homra image printed on it. The bag is bi-colored with a combination of the team color red and an attractive white. 

     This is a casual rucksack that matches the Yatamisaki Bromide. The pocket attached on the front side of the bag enables you to carry small articles like accessories, tickets, and passes making the bag extremely handy. The needlepoint design of the Homra mark printed in a nonchalant gold color makes the bag look stylish. The bag has a gold colored fastener and the bag has highlights all over. 

Price: 9,800 yen (+tax)

*Designs shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may vary a little from the images. 
*Orders will be taken until the stocks last. 


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