“A3!” Spring and Summer Troupes imaged bags and wallets are coming!


Elegant and colorful items!

Popular Japanese game app “A3!” collaboration bags and wallets will be on sale from SuperGroupies.


 Bags are imaged from Spring and Summer Troupes of MANKAI Company and wallets are imaged from each character. Both items have nicely blended game’s atmosphere and usefulness in everyday lives. You must check those elegant and colorful items!


Spring Troupe model bag

a3_0032 a3_0041 a3_0051 a3_0061 a3_0071 a3_0081 a3_0091 a3_0101 a3_011


Summer Troupe model bag

a3_012 a3_013 a3_014 a3_015 a3_016 a3_017 a3_018 a3_019 a3_020


Spring Troupe model wallets

a3_027 a3_022 a3_023 a3_024 a3_025 a3_026 a3_027 a3_028 a3_029 a3_030 a3_031



Summer Troupe model wallets


a3_033 a3_034 a3_035 a3_036 a3_037 a3_038 a3_039 a3_040 a3_041 a3_042


Product information
<Product name> “A3!” collaboration bags, wallets

<Pre-order period> May 25~June 11, 2017

<Product arrival period>
Around late September

Bags: 10,800yen+tax each
Wallets: 8,800yen+tax each
Free size

<Country of origin>


*Pre-order finishes when it reaches prepared number

*Pictures are sample. It might look differ to actual products

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