Clothes Inspired by ‘Nintama Rantaro’ – Original Uniform Designs for Ladies are Now Available

2016.05.19 <©Sobei Amako/NHK・NEP>

Collection includes designs from 1st year, 4th year, 5th year and 6th year

©Sobei Amako/NHK・NEP

     This one is to all the ninja fans! SuperGroupies is coming out with a female line of casual, comfy clothes inspired by anime Nintama Rantarō for a limited time offer. Orders will be accepted from May 19th, 2016-June 5th, 2016.

     The design introduced this time includes the uniform of the first year, fourth year, fifth year, and sixth year students of the Ninja training school. The ribbon attached to the waist line of the top garment can also be used as a hair accessory.

     All those who are interested in buying the apparel should hurry and check out the special report page now.


     ‘Nintama Rantarō’ room-wear

First year uniform

     nntmr_1_20160519_002 nntmr_1_20160519_008 nntmr_1_20160519_005
     nntmr_1_20160519_001 nntmr_1_20160519_010 nntmr_1_20160519_007
      nntmr_1_20160519_000 nntmr_1-2_20160519_005 nntmr_1-2_20160519_031

     ■ Fourth year uniform

     nntmr_4_20160519_001 nntmr_4_20160519_006 nntmr_4_20160519_004
     nntmr_4_20160519_005 nntmr_4_20160519_010 nntmr_4_20160519_008
     nntmr_4_20160519_000 nntmr_4-2_20160519_004 nntmr_4-2_20160519_036

     ■ Fifth year uniform

     nntmr_5_20160519_001 nntmr_5_20160519_006 nntmr_5_20160519_004

     nntmr_5_20160519_010 nntmr_5_20160519_008 nntmr_5_20160519_005
     nntmr_5_20160519_000 nntmr_5-2_20160519_016 nntmr_5-2_20160519_035

     ■ Sixth year uniform

     nntmr_6_20160519_001 nntmr_6_20160519_010 nntmr_6_20160519_004
     nntmr_6_20160519_005 nntmr_6_20160519_008 nntmr_6_20160519_006
     nntmr_6_20160519_000 nntmr_6-2_20160519_029 nntmr_6-2_20160519_067

     Size : Ladies free size
     Order dates : May 19th, 2016-June 5th, 2016
     Scheduled date of product arrival :  End of July
     Price : 11,800yen + taxes (for each set)
     Sales agency : Aniware
     Services : SuperGroupies

     URL :

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