Game ‘Hakuōki: Shinkai Kaze no Shō’ Releases Hijikata and Saito Style Yukatas♪

2016.06.28 <PASH! PLUS+>

Check out the cute clips! These goods are perfect for the coming summer!


     The popular video game Hakuōki : Shinkai Kaze no Shō, is releasing yukatas and obi clips that are perfect for summer.

     The yukatas come in two styles based on characters Toshizō Hijikata and Hajime Saitō. Note how their designs capture the feeling of the characters and video game. These items will be an essential piece of your summer wardrobe with the perfect combination of fabric and obi (belt) colors, detailed patterns and cute obi clips.

     Pre-orders are open only while supplies last, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and order yours today.


    Hakuōki Shinkai – Kaze no Shō : Yukata and Obi clip

     Pre-order dates : From June 28 (Tues) to July 18 (Mon-National holiday), 2016
     Product arrival date : End of August, 2016
     Cost : 15,800 yen + tax each
     Obi clip : 4,800 yen + tax each
     Sold from : Aniwear
     Manufactured by : SuperGroupies


Toshizō Hijikata Model

     hakuouki_yukatahijikata_201605607_SG-200_20160628 hakuouki_yukatahijikata_201605607_SG-202-350_20160628

     *Obi Clip

     hakuouki_yukatahijikata_obidomeomote_20160628 hakuouki_yukatahijikata_obidomeura_20160628 hakuouki_yukatahijikata_obidome_20160628

     *Yukata as worn


Hajime Saitō Model

     hakuouki_yukatasaito_201605607_SG-198_20160628 hakuouki_yukatasaito_201605607_SG-196_20160628

     *Obi Clip

     hakuouki_yukatasaito_obidomeomote_20160628 hakuouki_yukatasaito_obidomeura_20160628 hakuouki_yukatasaito_obidome_20160628


    *Yukata as worn


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