‘Togainu No Chi‘ Collaboration Bags and Earrings Coming Soon

2016.05.02 <PASH! PLUS+>

The 3 bags are inspired by Akira, Keisuke and Shiki

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     Togainu No Chi, the BL visual novel game has announced a new line of collaboration bags and earrings.

     The bags come in three different models, each of which encapsulate the motif of Akira, Keisuke, and Shiki.

     The Akira Model Earring takes design cues from the fur on his jacket and this part is also detachable.

     Order reservations for all of the items can be made until Sunday May 22, 2016. Fans of Togainu
should definitely check it out.

     ◆Akira model bag

     togainu_akiraBAG_20160502080 togainu_akiraBAG_20160502110 togainu_akiraBAG_20160502220

     ◇Keisuke model bag

     togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502010 togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502040 togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502070
     togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502070 togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502140 togainu_keisukeBAG_20160502170

model bag
     togainu_shikiBAG_20160502010 togainu_shikiBAG_20160502020 togainu_shikiBAG_20160502080
     togainu_shikiBAG_20160502080 togainu_shikiBAG_20160502090 togainu_shikiBAG_20160502140 togainu_shikiBAG_20160502240

     ◇Akira model earring

     togainu_earing_20160502020 togainu_earing_20160502140 togainu_earing_20160502160 
     togainu_earing_20160502160 togainu_earing_20160502250 togainu_earing_20160502110

     Details :

     ‘Togainu No Chi’ – Collaboration Bags and Earrings

Akira Model Bag・Keisuke Model Bag・Shiki Model Bag/ Akira Model Earrings

Reservation period: April, 29 (Fri) – May, 22(Sun), 2016
     Product Arrival Schedule :  Bags for the beginning of September 2016
          Earrings for beginning of August 2016
     Price : Bags 9,800 yen + tax (each)
     Earrings : 6,800 yen + taxes
     Supplier : Aniware

     website :http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=262

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