From TV Anime ‘The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance’ Come Special Collaboration Accessories

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Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Berets Inspired By Characters Arslan, Daryuun And Narsus

©2016 Hiromu Arakawa・Hideyuki Tanaka・Kodansha/Heroic Legend of Arslan Production Committee・MBS

     The new TV anime The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance starts July 2016. To celebrate, special collaboration merchandise based on Arslan and his fierce comrades are coming soon. This exclusive lineup from SuperGroupies includes rings, piercings, bracelets and berets.

     The ring comes in an Arslan-based design, earrings in Arslan and Daryuun-based design, while the bracelets and berets come in Arslan, Daryuun and Narsus-based designs. Choose from anyone of these fancy Made In Japan items and enjoy showing off your favorite characters.


     Commence your attack with these special Heroic Legend of Arslan accessories today.

     The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance Collaboration Accessories 

Arslan Model Ring
Price :9,800 yen plus tax
     Size :9, 11, 13

     The rings design includes Arslan’s crest with a Persian-influenced flavor.

     arslan_20190711_ring01 arslan_20190711_ring14
     It’s fretwork is produced with the style of an antique.

     arslan_20190711_ring02 arslan_20190711_ring04
     Comes with a special box
     arslan_20190711_ring05 arslan_20190711_ring07


Price : 7,800 yen plus tax

     ◇ Arslan Model
These pearl earrings include pearls designed exactly as those worn by Arslan.

     arslan_20190711_pierceA01 arslan_20190711_pierceA04

     The plate’s design is based on Arslan’s crest.

     arslan_20190711_pierceA03 arslan_20190711_pierceA02

     These tassel earrings have an elegant flair as they twirl!
     arslan_20190711_pierceA05 arslan_20190711_pierceA06

Daryuun Model

     arslan_20190711_pierceD01 arslan_20190711_pierceD04

     The plate’s design is inspired by Daryuun’s crest.

     arslan_20190711_pierceD02 arslan_20190711_pierceD03

     These antique styled tassel earrings are based on Daryuun’s spear tassels.
     arslan_20190711_pierceD06 arslan_20190711_pierceD05

Price :6,800 yen plus tax                                                                                                            
     Arslan Model
The bracelet includes stones based off of jewels from Arslan’s sword and helmet along with stones based on the Arslan pearl pierces.

     arslan_20190711_braceletA06 arslan_20190711_braceletA04

     This antique styled plate has Arslan’s crest and comes with plates inspired by feathers from his faithful eagle, Azrael.

     arslan_20190711_braceletA07 arslan_20190711_braceletA15

Daryuun Model
Daryuun’s crest and helmet design are on the antique flavored plate.

     arslan_20190711_braceletD06 arslan_20190711_braceletD07

     Note the Honey-Yellow stones based on the color of Daryuun’s eyes.

     arslan_20190711_braceletD01 arslan_20190711_braceletD04

     The tassel’s design is based off of Daryuun’s spear tassel.


Narsus Model

     arslan_20190711_braceletN06 arslan_20190711_braceletN01

     The silver pieces are carved in the shape of Narsus’s crest and the bracelet is adorned with chess pieces. 

     arslan_20190711_braceletN13 arslan_20190711_braceletN04                          

     Not the impressive cream coloring, based off of Narsus’s hair.


Price :4,600 yen each with tax
     Arslan Model
     This beret based on Arslan’s crest is adorned with brilliant purple stones.
     arslan_20190711_barrettaA01 arslan_20190711_barrettaA04

     The detailed and intricate design gives the piece a very vintage feel.

     arslan_20190711_barrettaA01 arslan_20190711_barrettaA04

Daryuun Model
This beret with Daryuun’s crest engraved on it is adorned with deep red colored stones and shines when under light.      

     arslan_20190711_barrettaD01 arslan_20190711_barrettaD03                

     In addition to Daryuun’s crest, the beret has a Persian influenced design and a very cool look.

     arslan_20190711_barrettaD06 arslan_20190711_barrettaD28

Narsus Model

     This beret’s design is based of Narsus’s crest and has a refreshing horizon blue stone base.

     arslan_20190711_barrettaN01 arslan_20190711_barrettaN23

     This positively elegant, silver beret is inspired by Narsus’s crest and has the look of an elegant flower.   

     arslan_20190711_barrettaN24 arslan_20190711_barrettaN13

     Pre-order Sales Period : July 11, 2016 to July 31, 2016
     ※Orders taken only while supplies last
     Expected Delivery Date :Late September 2016

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     Manufactured By :SuperGroupies

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