The ‘Osomatsu-san’ 6 Each Get Their Own Set of Heels

2016.06.13 <PASH! PLUS+>

The HQ Shoes Sport Stylish Designs Which Show Off The Matsuno’s Unique Character

©Fujio Akatsuka/ Osomatsu's Production Committee

     The sextuplets brothers from TV’s Osomatsu-san are now each in a stylish pump form. The shoes are made in association with brand Chake Chake, and are only available from SuperGroupies.

     Pre-orders start June 13, 2016. Delivery is set for mid-October. You’ll have the Matsunos to show around town with these stylish pumps♪

     Details :

     Osomatsu-san Collaboration Pumps

     Product Name : Osomatsu-san Collaboration Pumps (6 types in all)

     Osomatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_002 osomatusan20160610_004 osomatusan20160610_009 osomatusan20160610_005 osomatusan20160610_006 osomatusan20160610_015

     Karamatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_024 osomatusan20160610_031 osomatusan20160610_025 osomatusan20160610_027 osomatusan20160610_033

Choromatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_047osomatusan20160610_056 osomatusan20160610_052 osomatusan20160610_050osomatusan20160610_053osomatusan20160610_058

Ichimatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_094 osomatusan20160610_093osomatusan20160610_096 osomatusan20160610_101 osomatusan20160610_102 osomatusan20160610_109

     Jyuushimatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_119 osomatusan20160610_121
osomatusan20160610_124 osomatusan20160610_117 osomatusan20160610_118 osomatusan20160610_130

     Todomatsu Model

osomatusan20160610_068 osomatusan20160610_073osomatusan20160610_069 osomatusan20160610_074
osomatusan20160610_076 osomatusan20160610_089

     Size :22 cm, 22.5 cm, 23 cm, 23.5 cm, 24 cm, 24.5 cm, 25 cm, 25.5 cm
     Reservation Period :June 13 to July 3, 2016
     Estimated Shipping Date :Mid-October 2016
     Price :16,800 yen each plus tax
     Sales Page : 
     Distributor :Aniwear
     Manufacturer :SuperGroupies

     ※Orders only accepted while supplies are available.

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