From ‘Osomatsu-san’ Comes The New Fashion Brand ‘I’m Neet‘

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T Shirts, One-Piece Dresses and other Summer Items Are Available For Pre Order May 30, 2016

ⒸFujio Akatsuka/Osomatsu-san Production Committee

     TV Anime Osomatsu-san‘s Apparel Brand Html Zero3, and Bandai have teamed up to create the new fashion brand called I’m Neet. Five summer products, including T-shirts and one-piece dresses, are available from 1 pm on May 30, 2016.

     The products from the ‘I’m Neet’ series are made with causal comfort in mind, befitting the laid back lifestyles of the Osomatsu sextuplets. NEET in Japanese and in other countries stands for ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training.’

     The series lineup includes T-shirts, one-piece dresses, sweat-shorts, sports towels and handbags. What’s more, when you purchase the T-shirts and sweat-shorts from Premium Bandai, you will receive a special limited edition button badge as a bonus. Supplies for these items are limited, so hurry and order yours today.

  • Limited Edition Can Badge

         Also, the ‘I’m Neet’ series is set to have new products coming in June, so keep your eyes peeled for more info.

    Details :

    ’m Neet from Osomatsu-san in association with Html Zero3 and

    Website :

    Reservation Period : May 30, 2016 from 1 pm until supplies run out.
    Expected Delivery Date : Scheduled for July
    Available From : Exclusively at Premium Bandai, Bandai’s official online shop and ice field (via their homepage)

    I’m Neet Face Tee
    These 100% cotton Matsuno adorned T-shirts come in 2 colors, black or white, and have a casual style perfect for any scene. Go through Premium Bandai, and you can receive a free badge as a bonus. 


    Price:3,780 yen tax included(shipping and handling charges separate)

    XS Size : Length 59, Width 43, Shoulder Width 36, sleeve Length 19 cm
    S Size : Length 65, Width 48, Shoulder Width 40, Sleeve Length 20 cm
    M Size : Length 68, Width 50, Shoulder Width 42, Sleeve Length 20 cm
    L Size : Length 71, Width 53, Shoulder Width 44, Sleeve Length 21 cm
    XL Size : Length 75, Width 58, Shoulder Width 46, Sleeve Length 22 cm

    White ShirtLower Left Hand Side):Osomatsu,
    Black ShirtUpper Right Hand Side):Karamatsu                                    


    I’m Neet Six Stripe One-piece Dress

    This is a short one-piece dress with the six Matsuno brothers. The dress comes in 4 colors: Grey, Navy Blue, Black and White. The sleeves come with light frills which contribute to the dress’s feminine look and feel. 


    Price:4,104 yen tax included(shipping and handling charges separate)
    Size:Length 82, Width 49, Sleeve Length 34cm


    ■I’m Neet Face Sweat-shorts
    These sweat-shorts(6 types in all)are perfect for the upcoming summer season. An image of one of the Matsuno’s eyes are embroidered on the hem, while the waist string comes in one of the brothers’ respective colors. These shorts are 100% cotton so they go great with the Matsuno Face Tees. Order through Premium Bandai and you’ll get a badge as a bonus.


    Price:4,428 yen tax included(shipping and handling charges separate)
    S Size Rubber Waist 70, Inseam 25, Total Length 50.5, Thigh 32.5, Hem 25.5 cm
    M Size Rubber Waist 74, Inseam 26, Total Length 52.5, Thigh 34, Hem 26.5 cm
    L Size Rubber Waist77, Inseam 27, Total Length 54.5, Thigh 35.5, Hem 27.5 cm


    I’m Neet Six Stripe Sports Towel 


    Price:3,240 yen tax included(shipping and handling charges separate)
    Size:Height 34, Width 84 cm

    I’m Neet Six Stripe Clutch Bag 


    Price:3,996 yen tax included(shipping and handling charges separate)
    Product Size:When Closed; Height 18, Width 25cm, When Open; Height 25, Width 36cm


    ※The Bonus Can Badge is available only through Premium Bandai.
    ※The Badge only comes with Sweatshort and T-Shirt Purchases.
    ※Please check the sales websites for the latest information. 
    ※Products only available while supplies last. 
    ※Sales may be complete even after accessing the website. 
    ※Product specifications are subject to change without notice. 
    ※The above are promotional pictures only. Actual product may differ slightly.

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