‘Hatsune Miku’ Design Inspired Sneakers Now On Sale

2016.05.11 <PASH! PLUS+>

Pre-Orders Begin May 11, 2016 until sold out

Hatsune Miku Collaboration Sneakers Black&White

     Limited Edition Hatsune Miku sneakers, from SuperGroupies, are now available.
Order reservations are being taken from May 11 to May 29, 2016. 

     The sneakers come in both black and white sole designs. Both design variations include
Hatsune’s trademark Miku Blue, and can be worn by male and female alike (unisex sizes).

     Plus, each
pair comes with 2 sets of shoelaces in pink and white. These sneakers are only available while supplies last so definitely check the website below and order yours today.

     Details :

     Hatsune Miku Collaboration Sneakers

     ▪Black sole edition

mk39s1_20160511_006 mk39s1_20160511_004 mk39s1_20160511_012 mk39s1_20160511_013 mk39s1_20160511_002 mk39s1_20160511_011 mk39s1_20160511_000 mk39s1_20160511_005 mk39s1-2_20160511_025

     ▪White sole edition
mk39s2_20160511_001 mk39s2_20160511_008 mk39s2_20160511_004 mk39s2_20160511_005 mk39s2_20160511_007 mk39s2_20160511_003 mk39s2_20160511_006 mk39s2_20160511_000 mk39s2-2_20160511_007

     Pre-order Sales Period : May 11 to May 29, 2016
     Estimated Delivery Date : Late September (Approx.)
     Price : 9,800 yen each + taxes
     Size : 22cm, 23cm, 24cm, 25cm, 26cm, 27cm, 28cm, 29cm

     Sold From : Aniware                                
     Made By : SuperGroupies


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