‘Tiger & Bunny’ Styled Collaboration sneakers announced

2016.02.24 <PASH!PLUS+>

Kotetsu and Barnaby model lineup are here


     Tiger & Bunny
and SuperGroupies collaboration sneakers are on sale! Orders for the sneakers will
only be accepted on  ‘SuperGroupies’ and ‘Premium Bandai’ websites which started selling from February 24, 2016.

     Two models based on characters ‘Kaburagi T. Kotetsu’ and ‘Barnaby Brooks Jr.’ have been announced. The easy to wear high-cut sneakers show the charm of their model characters. If you are a true fan of ‘Tiger & Bunny’ book your pairs now!


     Tiger & Bunny collaboration sneakers

     Order Period :  February 24 (Wed) – March 14 (Mon), 2016
     ※If the number of order exceeds the total number of products, the sale may stop.
     Estimated delivery date :   Late June

     Price :   10,800 Yen each (incl. tax)
     Size :   23cm/24cm/25cm/26cm/27cm/28cm
     ※Half sizes will not be made available.

     Product Handling :
     ・SuperGroupies   http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=224
     ・Premium Bandai   http://p-bandai.jp/chara/0042/

     Sneakers representing Kaburagi T. Kotetsu’s Character
     These are the stylish sneakers based on Kotetsu’s colors ‘Green’ and ‘White’. The sneakers are made up of synthetic leather and canvas fabric resulting in a cloth like feeling. They further represent Kotetsu’s character with details such as the embroidered white dots behind the lacing on the shoe-tongue similar to Kotetsu’s tie, and a tiger mark on the back-side of the shoe-tongue.

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     ■Sneakers representing Barnaby Brooks Jr.’s Character
     These sneakers have colors based on Barnaby Brooks Jr.’s character and have a mature and stylish finish. The golden leather on the shoe-tongue represents Barnaby’s necklace. The material of the sneakers is synthetic leather, as per Barnaby’s jacket. The sneakers have details such as a strap that is attached at the end of the shoe-tongue and of course a bunny mark on the back-side of the shoe-tongue.