“Gin Tama” Gintoki Sakata and Shinsuke Takasugi’s cool figures are coming!


Coming as prize items for amusement facilities!

2 types of prize figures of anime “Gin Tama” are coming from BANPRESTO.

 These items are titled “Rokudenashi Futari (means ‘people good-for-nothing’)” and characters Gintoki Sakata and Shinsuke Takasugi were made into figures. Their poses influence their aggressive fights.

Gin Tama Gintoki Sakata figure ~Rokudenashi Futari~

 Size: approx. 14cm. Available from June 6.

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Gin Tama Shinsuke Takasugi figure ~Rokudenashi Futari~

Size: approx. 15cm. Available from June 6.

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*these pictures might look different from actual items
*available period might change according to stores
*written information might change without notice