‘My Melody’s new friend ‘Little Forest Fellow’ goods are adorably available

2016.02.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

Cute plushies and other goods available as new amusement prizes

     ■Scheduled for Late May

Little Forest Fellow Large Melo Bag Strap Plushies vol.1 (3 types in all)
     Size :  Approx. 11cm
Melo is now a big plushie you can attach to your bag. Comes in a variety of poses.

      ● Little Forest Fellow Large Sized Plushies (2 types in all)
     Size :   Approx. 25cm
New friends with many facial expressions are available in the Large Melo Plushie series.

     Scheduled for Mid-June
Little Forest Fellow Expandable Plushies (2 types in all)

     Size :  Approx. 34 cm
Melo is relaxing in the form of a 34cm size plushie. Here is a first look at the pink hood version.

Little Forest Fellow Plushie Pouch (3 types in all)

     Size :  Approx. 16cm
Now Melo is a pouch with many facial expressions. You just have to take him with you in this new pouch form.

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