‘My Melody’s new friend ‘Little Forest Fellow’ goods are adorably available

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Cute plushies and other goods available as new amusement prizes

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     From Sanrio My Melody comes plushies of their new character Little Forest Fellow. These hug-able cuties are coming to amusement facilities as winnable prize goods.  Little Forest Fellow is a little boy who wears a red hood just like our friend My Melody.

     Little Forest Fellow


     Nickame :  Melo
Likes :   My Melody
Favorite saying :   ‘’Yup, yup’’
Hobbies :  Playing with My Melody and collecting buttons.
A little boy and second cousin of My Melody.
The red hood received from My Melody is his treasure.
He shares his birthday with My Melody on January 18th
     * Profile given by My Melody.  Not sure about how truthful it is.

Starting in late May 2016, large sized plushies will be available at amusement facilities. These include 11 cm ball chain strap plushies that are attachable to your gear (3 types in all), and 25 cm sized plushies (2 types in all). In addition, 34 cm long expandable plushies (2 types in all) and 16 cm long plushie pouches will be available from mid-June.

Furthermore, these prize goods will on display at Japan Amusement Expo 2016 to be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall from February 2 to 20. Not only that, with general admission fare on February 20, you could win one of a limited supply of Little Forest Fellows during a free crane game.

ute little Melo has made his move to be a stuffed animal. Come get your own at the Japan Amusement Expo


Little Forest Fellow Amusement Game Prize Goods

     February 20 Japan Amusement Expo 2016 Free Crane Game Play
Venue :  Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall (2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-8550)
Goods :  Large sized plushie (1 type in all)

     Size :   Approximately 25cm
The new character Melo has made his worldwide debut as a stuffed toy.

     >>On the next page you’ll find information on the new large plushies scheduled for late May.

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