‘Shiba Inu’ Maru’s hug-pillow and other prizes are lined up for “Minna no Kuji”


Newly taken pictures are used for items which are useful in everyday life!

“Minna no Kuji Shiba Inu Maru” will be released from “Minna no Kuji (MinKuji)”, produced by FuRyu. It will be on sale from May 20 at GALLERY MARU SAN, hobby shops and bookstores. Price for each lottery is 600yen (tax included).

 “Shiba Inu Maru” is worldwide popular Japanese dog who has more than 2.6million followers on official Instagram. This time, hug-pillow, drink bottle, purse, keychain and other useful items are lined up for “Minna no Kuji”. Furthermore, many pictures only taken for these items (taken by owner Mr. Ono) are used a lot. Every item illustrates the attractiveness and cuteness of Shiba Inu Maru.


A-prize: Shiba Inu Maru hug-pillow cushion (1 type/approx. 70cm)


B-prize: Original poster 3-piece set (4 types/approx. 25*25cm)


C-prize: Maru bottle (3 types/ H: approx. 18cm, capacity: approx. 400ml)


D-prize: Maru purse (3 types/approx. 13cm)


E-prize: Maru keychain (4 types/approx. 7cm)


F-prize: Wall sticker (4 types/A4 size)


Last get-prize: Maru head (1 type/approx. 30cm)


Double get-prize: Special poster (1 type/approx. 62cm)

*you can win this prize by entering the code showed on your lottery card to the website.


Instagram campaign
Campaign period is until June 2 and you can win A~F prizes set.
Details are on official website.

*designs might change without notice
*sales period might differ between the stores
*pictures and the actual product might look different
*company name, product name and service name are licensed.


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