Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Detective Conan’ With Anniversary Limited Edition Gold and Silver Coins

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Celebrating 'Detective Conan' for the first time ever with a anniversary coin

©Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan

     Detective Conan: Case Closed has won over many legions of fans around the world over the years and this year marks its 20th anniversary for the popular mystery TV series. And they’re not holding back on the celebrations. To celebrate its anniversary, for the first time ever, the Cook islands have issued an exclusive coin set: the Detective Conan 20th anniversary commemoration gold color coin set and the Detective Conan 20th anniversary commemoration silver color coin set.

     The gold coin is designed with Conan Edogawa dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and capturing London’s Baker Street with its brick walls in the background. And similarly for the silver coin set, it has the same background design with Shinichi Kudo and Conan Edogawa.

     Originally designed by the original author, Gosho Aoyama, these specialized coins are decorated on both sides, one with Conan Edogawa, and the with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, her Majesty the Queen, and the Head of the Commonwealth of the Cook islands.

     There are 2000 sets of the gold coins and 5000 sets of the silver coins, making them a rare and a must-have limited edition.


     Detective Conan 20th anniversary commemoration gold and silver color coin set’

Gold coin set

     (Only 2000 coins available in the world.)

     The original and exclusive design captures Conan Edogawa working the Sherlock Holmes look. The frame along the coin also includes symbols of a key and a keyhole. Designed by Gosho Aoyama, this original coin design also includes a portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

     ◯ The gold coin set comes in an exclusive music box case.
     To make the gold coin set way cooler, the rare gold coin set even comes in an elaborate music box case that is designed to look like an actual book. The front includes the same image of Conan Edogawa dressed as Sherlock Holmes, and inside features exclusive signatures from Gosho Aoyama and Conan.

     The music box is functional and plays Detective Conan’s main theme song♪

     ■ Silver coin set
     (Only 5000 coins available in the world.)

     Catch the overlapping image of Shinichi Kudo dressed as Sherlock Holmes along with Conan Edogawa with the famous Big Ben tower in the background. Designed by Gosho Aoyama, this original coin design also includes the portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the reverse side.

     ◯ The silver coin set comes in an exclusive leather case.
     Perfect to keep your rare silver coin set safe, the special leather case comes with signatures from Conan Edogawa and Gosho Aoyama. The design is inspired by the doors of truth that comes up throughout the TV series.

     Price : ① Gold coin set- 39,800yen+tax ② Silver coin set- 19,800yen+tax
     ※Please note that 600 yen + tax will be added for shipping and handling.

     Number of coins available : ① Gold coin set: 2000 coins in the world. ② Silver coin set : 5000 coins in the world.

     Coin quality :
     【Gold coin】.9999k gold/ about 18mm in diameter/ about 1.2 grams in carat weight/estimated value of about 2 Cook island dollars. ( 品位.9999金/直径(約)=18ミリ/重さ(約)=1.2グラム、額面10クックアイランド・ドル)

     【Silver coin】.999 silver/ about 38mm in diameter/ about 8 grams in carat weight/estimated value of 2 Cook island dollars. ( 品位.999銀/直径(約)=38ミリ/重さ(約)=8グラム、額面2クックアイランド・ドル)

     ※Please note that an issued certificate will come with the gold and silver coin set.

     Available from July 27th, 2016.
     Sales/Marketing : Imperial Inteprise ‘Premico’
     Website : http://iei.jp/conancoina/
     (services available for : PC/smartphone/mobile)

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