The 25th Annual Yosakoi Soran Festival 2016 related ‘Snow Miku’ Merchandise on offer at Sapporo Festival

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Limited Edition Merchanidise With Illustrations From Artists Shiomizu and Zerokichi

Snow MikuYosakoi Soran Festival T-Shirt

     New Limited Edition Snow Miku merchandise has been announced for the 25th Annual Yosakoi
Soran Festival 2016, which is to be held at Sapporo Odori Park from June 8 to June 12, 2016. Take a look at what is on offer.

     Limited Edition Snow Miku Yosakoi Soran Festival Acrylic Key Holder Shiomizu Version
     Size :  Approx. 10.3 × 9.2cm
     Price : 1,000 yen including tax
     Illustrations : Shiomizu

     yukimiku_20160427_000 yukimiku_20160427_001

     Limited Edition Snow Miku Yosakoi Soran Festival Acrylic Key Holder  Zerokichi Version 
     Size :  Approx. 9.5 × 9.5cm 
     Price : 1,000 yen including tax 
     Illustrations : Zerokichi 

     yukimiku_20160427_002 yukimiku_20160427_003

     ●Limited Edition Snow Miku Yosakoi Soran Festival Hand Towel
     Size :  Approx. 100 × 35cm 
     Price : 1,000 yen including tax 
     Illustrations : Shiomizu 

     ●Limited Edition Snow Miku Yosakoi Soran Festival iPhone Cover for 6 and 6s Models 

     Size For iPhone6 and 6s 
     Price : 2,700 yen including tax 
     Illustrations : Shiomizu 


     ●Limited Edition Snow Miku Yosakoi Soran Festival T-Shirt 
     Size : S/M/L/XL 
     Color : WHITE 
     Price : 3,100 yen including tax 
     Illustration: Shiomizu 

     yukimiku_20160427_006 yukimiku_20160427_005

     Goods go on sale at the Odori Park Official Festival Stores along Odori Park West Block 4 and Block 7, between June 8th and 12th, and at The JR Sapporo Station South Entrance Plaza Store, from June 11th to 12th.  Anyone attending the festival or those living in the area, should definitely check out the goods.

     Details :

Limited Edition 25th Yosakoi Soran Festival 2016 Snow Miku Merchandise  

     ■ ’25th Annual Yosakoi Soran Festival2016′
     Dates : June 8 to 12 2016 
     Venue :  Sapporo Odori Park 
     Goods To Be Sold At :  
     ・Official Festival Goods Stores at Sapporo Odori Park West Block 4 and Block 7, from June 8 – 12, 2016 
     ・JR Sapporo Station South Entrance Plaza Store from June 11 – 12, 2016.

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