Anime ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ launches a super stylish wristwatch and bangle collaboration

2016.03.29 <PASH! PLUS+>

Includes four designs inspired by characters : Mellodas, Ban, the King, and Gilthunder

ⒸHisashi Suzuki Kodansha / "Seven Deadly Sins" Production Committee · MBS

     The Seven Deadly Sins, the popular animation series, is collaborating again with SuperGroupies with a cool selection of wrist-ware. On offer this time are a collection of series inspired wristwatches and bangles that are ready to be ordered. The 4 models available are inspired by the main characters: Meliodas, Ban, King and Gilthunder. Check them out all and see if you can guess which design goes with which character.

     Details :

     The Seven Deadly Sins – wristwatches and bangles – in collaboration with SuperGroupies

     Reservation period :  March 29th, 2016 April 17th, 2016
     ※Please keep in mind that there is a limited amount of products and the item you may wish to purchase may be sold out.
     Scheduled arrival date : 
          Wristwatches :  Around the end of September 2016
          Bangles :  Around the end of June 2016

     ● Wristwatches

nanatuno20160328_105 nanatuno20160328_106 nanatuno20160328_107

     Each of the wristwatches are created using the color and weapon theme of each character. Now you can carry and have a piece of your favorite character with you and even look more fashionable. 

     -Meliodas Model (11,800 yen + tax) 

nanatuno20160328_138 nanatuno20160328_108 nanatuno20160328_109 nanatuno20160328_110 nanatuno20160328_113

      Ban Model (11,800 yen + tax)

     nanatuno20160328_92 nanatuno20160328_74 nanatuno20160328_75      nanatuno20160328_76 nanatuno20160328_79

      –King Model (11,800 yen + tax) 

     nanatuno20160328_29 nanatuno20160328_07 nanatuno20160328_08      nanatuno20160328_09 nanatuno20160328_12

     Gilthunder Model (12,800 yen + tax)

     nanatuno20160328_58 nanatuno20160328_42 nanatuno20160328_43      nanatuno20160328_44 nanatuno20160328_46 nanatuno20160328_45

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