Cute ‘Cheburashka’ Chocolates for your SOS (some one special!)

2016.02.01 <PASH! PLUS+>

A lineup of 8 confectionary items in collaboration with Goncharoff

Shown on top is the carry bag, below is item F Ⓒ2010 Cheburashka Movie Part-ners/Cheburashka Project

Cheburashka, our cute character friend will be celebrating this year’s Valentines Day in a collaboration with Kobe chocolate maker, Goncharoff.

     Shaped and printed with images of Cheburashka, these chocolates are simply too kawaii to resist. Not only the taste, but also the images of the cute character will leave you feeling soothed with a smile.

     The chocolates come in specially designed bags that you’ll want to give to your friends. Cheburashka fans – don’t miss this adorable chocolate treat!


     Cheburashka & Goncharov: The Cutest Valentine Confectionery (8 types)

     Cheburashka A :  500 yen+ tax 
 Cheburashka B1,000 yen + tax


    Cheburashka C : 600 yen + tax
    Cheburashka D : 900 yen + tax
    Cheburashka E
: 1,200 yen + tax    
    Cheburashka F
: 600 yen + tax


     Cheburashka G 700 yen + tax

     Cheburashka H : 1,600 yen + tax

     Items F, G & H feature an originally illustrated container to keep.

     Features :   Original tote bag (one per item)
     Participating store :   Yume Town, Yume Mart (not all)
     For more details, please contact a nearby store.

     url :
     Twitter :   @Cheburashka_PR

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