Idolish7 – 3D figurines of Riku Nanase and Sogo Osaka coming soon

2016.02.16 <PASH! PLUS+>

Reserve them for your own stage

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     Crazy about your Idolish7 figurine collection? Well, now you can get two more to join the mix! Figurines of 
Riku Nanase and Sogo Osaka from popular anime Idolish7 will be available for purchase at “Premium
Bandai“, Bandai Co.’s shopping website!

     Part of the Figure Arts Zero series, not only are they made in the perfect collectable size, but are beautifully decorated with intricate stage costumes, that they’ll just have to stay on the stage for one encore after another!

     ●Nanase Riku

     His clear, unwavering eyes feels like he’s staring straight at you! Take in the intricate details of his costumes and his ribbed body. You definitely won’t regret checking it out 


     Sogo Osaka

     Sogo’s standoffish pose and his expression filled with mystery and intrigue will definitely suck you right in. Check out the details in his scarf and his chiseled features.


     Enjoy seeing the popular pop-star idols from every angle and you’ll definitely won’t get bored of looking at the details. On February 12th, they will start accepting reservations, so don’t waste another minute and reserve your spot to get a chance to display your own figurines!


     ■ Figure Arts Zero Nanase Riku

     URL :
     Cost: 5,400 yen (Includes tax, shipping, and handling)
     Expected date for product to arrive :   Scheduled for August 2016

     ■Figure Arts Zero Sogo Osaka

     URL :
     Cost: 5,400 yen (Includes tax, shipping, and handling)
     Expected date for product to arrive :   Scheduled for September 2016

     Time period for reservation: February 12th (Fri) 4:00pm~
     ※Details for the end date will be released on the product sales page on a later date.
     Where to purchase: “Premium Bandai” on Bandai Co.’s shopping website
     ※For more current news and updated details, please check the product sales page.
     ※Please keep in mind that there is a limited amount of the product and will not be available once they are all sold out.
     ※Please be aware that the product may be sold out and not available when you access the product sales page.
     ※The product specification are subject to change without prior notice.
     ※Payment options for cash on delivery: When paying a bill at the convenient store, please be aware that a separate fee will be included.
     ※Please be aware the the pictured products are still in the process of being developed and the final product may look slightly different.

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