‘Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector’ athletic Ex playing stand and three special cat figurines on sale

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'Cat on desk' series now available at gachapon vending machines to collect your own personal cat

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     If you’re a fan of Neko Atsume : Kitty Collector, please listen up as here is some exciting news just for
you. Now you can collect one or all of the following items: the athletic Ex playing stand and three types of cats, Yamaneko-san, Kutsushitaneko-san, and Mike-san.

     You can also pre-order the Neko
Atsume Athletic Ex House set on March 11th, 2016 at the Premium Bandai shop starting from 11:00. Curious about the price? Then let’s see if you can figure it out first, ready? If a “meow” is a three then the price is “meow meow meow meow”. Did you get it? It’s 3,333 yen (tax included)!


     Yamaneko san

     Kutsushita san

     Mr. Mike

     This athletic Ex set also appears in the Neko Atsume: Kitty Collection app and now you’ll be able to see it for yourself. If you’re interested you better make sure to get this athletic Ex set, because there are a few special collectible items that will only be available with the athletic Ex set.

     They will be available in the Neko Atsume: top of the desk series so make sure you get some of your favorite cats that will be available at all Gachapon vending machines all over Japan. Please go to Premium Bandai’s official page for more details.


     ‘Neko Atsume:Kitty Collection’, ‘Neko Atusme in your house’, ‘Neko Atsume Athletic Ex House Set’


3,333 yen (tax included) (Shipping/handling not included)
     Set details:
     ●“Every day carpet” (1 sheet) (explanation on how to handle with care included)
     Sizewidth: about 10cm
                length: about 12.5mm

     ●Cats (3 types)
Size (width: about 2.2cm, length: about 1.8cm, height: about 2.6cm)
Size (width: about 2.6cm, length: about 1.5cm, height: about 1.6cm)
Size (width: about 1.6cm, length: about 4.0cm, height: about 2.0cm)

     ●GoodsAthletic Ex (1 kind) (width: about 8.17cm length: about 5.31cm height: about 8.66cm)

     Availaible at: Bandai’s official shopping site “Premium Bandai” for a limited time

     Pre-order period: March 11th, 2016 (Fri) at 11:00amApril 11th, 2016 (Mon) until 11:00pm
     Expected delivery : June 2016

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