‘Lucky Dog 1′ Bl game releases New Character goods

2016.03.11 <PASH!PLUS+>

'Lucky Dog1' design coasters, hair accessories, and badges are now available for pre-order.


     Lucky Dog 1 the Bl (Boys love genre) game announces and releases new exciting products of each of its main character. You can find the merchandise at Gate’s
online shop and it is now accepting pre-orders!

     With the fun selection of products, you’ll definitely won’t want to miss out on all the fun. Make sure to check out the awesome products: jacket coasters, hair accessories, badges, mini cushions, and pouches. ! Hurry up and check them out at the Gate online shop


     Lucky Dog 1 – Character goods

     ● Lucky Dog 1 :   Jacket coaster
     Release Date: May 27th, 2016  (Fri)
     Price:  378 yen each (tax included)

url :  http://gate-japan.co.jp/jacketcoaster/ld1-jc.html

     Lucky Dog 1 :  Hair Accessory

     Release Date :   May 27th, 2016 (Fri)
     Price :   756 yen each (tax included)

url : http://gate-japan.co.jp/chouchou/ld1-chou.html

>> Continue to the next page for more exciting products from the official store. Badges, mini cushions, and pouches are coming up next!

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